Duel in Duel World and characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! series will appear!
Complete their Character Unlock Missions to obtain them as playable characters.
Level your characters up to obtain cards and Skills.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Jaden Yuki
Jaden is ready to get his game on at the premier Dueling school in the world—Duel Academy! But his less-than-stellar grades place him in Slifer Red, the lowest-ranked dorm. Still, that won't discourage him from using his super sweet Dueling instincts and his Elemental HERO Deck to make the grade. His go-to monster, Elemental HERO Neos, enhances his Fusion skills—but what sets him further apart is his ability to speak with the spirits that live inside his cards.
Zane Truesdale
After graduating from Duel Academy, Zane Truesdale was on the fast track to becoming the greatest Duelist in the pro leagues. However, his defeat against Aster Phoenix set him on a dark path where his only desire was victory—at any cost. As the master of the Cyber Style, Zane uses Cyber End Dragon to power his Underworld Deck with forbidden techniques.
Aster Phoenix
Though Aster Phoenix is tearing up the professional Dueling circuit, he enrolled in Duel Academy with a secret purpose in mind. His father was a card designer who created Aster's Destiny HEROES. By avenging his father, Aster regained "Destiny HERO - Plasma."
Jesse Anderson
An exchange student from North Academy, Jesse has one thing in common with Jaden: they both can see card spirits. This shared ability makes them fast friends. Jesse has a deep bond with his "Crystal Beasts," treating them like his family.
Chazz Princeton
Formerly an elite Obelisk Blue student, consecutive defeats sent Chazz's reputation plummeting. But rising from the depths of despair, he's back to Chazz it up! He uses various types of cards, from the quirky Ojama brothers to Armed Dragons and XYZ monsters.
Alexis Rhodes
Even among the best Duelists in Obelisk Blue, Alexis stands at the top of her class. Though she's popular among the boys, her one true love is Dueling. She's not only an expert at Fusion and Ritual Summons—her Cyber Ladies are also always ready to kick the competition.
Dr. Vellian Crowler
Dr. Crowler is Duel Academy's #1 professor (or so he claims). But as the instructor in basic duel training, his skills with Ancient Gear monsters are unquestioned. At first, Dr. Crowler was focused on expelling Jaden from Duel Academy, but his views changed over time. What hasn't changed is his erratic behavior that has his students questioning his PhD.
When Jaden was young, the card spirit Yubel was his dear friend. But Jaden sent Yubel into space, wishing the light of the universe would clear the darkness in Yubel's heart. Unfortunately, it had the opposite effect. But that doesn't change the fact that Jaden and Yubel have a deep connection that transcends time.
Bastion Misawa
As Ra Yellow's resident genius, Bastion wields six different decks so that he'll have the optimal cards for any Duel. Someone with this much skill should stand out amongst his peers... but he's always in the background. His ace monster may appear to be "Water Dragon," but his real ace is a different monster.
Syrus Truesdale
Unlike his elite brother Zane, Syrus has a hard time believing in his own skills. It doesn't help that when Syrus first arrives at Duel Academy, he's placed in the lowest-ranked Slifer Red dormitory. But by competing against—and befriending—many Duelists, Syrus gains confidence in himself and his abilities. His favorite monsters are Machine-Type Vehicroids.
Tyranno Hassleberry
Under the tutelage of Sergeant Jaden, Ra Yellow's dinosaur Duelist adores his prehistoric pals. After a serious accident nearly broke his leg in two, they used a dinosaur bone to save it. Now infused with dino DNA, no Duelist can stop him when he unleashes his primeval powers!
Sartorius Kumar
Sartorius not only serves as Aster Phoenix's manager, but he's also a fortuneteller. With the ability to manipulate destiny, he controls his Arcana Force monsters' effects at will. Corrupted by the malevolent Light of Destruction, Sartorius sets out to conquer the world. But after losing to Jaden in a Duel, he is freed from its evil force... or is he?
Jaden Yuki used Super Polymerization to combine with Yubel's soul. Inheriting the spirit's power, Jaden was able to make Neos become real.
Blair Flannigan
As a big fan of Zane Truesdale, Blair wanted to go to the same school as him. But there's one problem: She's too young to enroll. Therefore, she wore a disguise to enter Duel Academy before she was old enough to attend. Though she was caught and forced to leave, Blair was able to re-enroll after finishing 2nd in the GX Tournament. And along the way, her eyes switched from Zane to a different target. With her "Maiden in Love" card, she hopes her crush on Jaden comes to fruition.
Jim "Crocodile" Cook
Jim "Crocodile" Cook was a transfer student from South Academy. He used a Fossil Fusion Deck, showcasing his love of geology and archaeology. Wherever you found Jim, you would also find Shirley - his pet crocodile that he carried on his back. When Jim and his friends were trapped in another dimension, he used his Eye of Orichalcum - a mystic item that saw the good and evil inside a person - to uncover the darkness within Jaden's heart. Though he tried to defeat the Supreme King, he ultimately failed, so he entrusted Axel to save Jaden. After returning to Earth, he went back to South Academy.
Axel Brodie
This transfer student from West Academy uses his expert survival skills to navigate all the new challenges at Duel Academy. As a first-class Duelist, Axel uses "Volcanic Doomfire" to burn everyone to a crisp with Effect Damage.
Supreme King Jaden
When Jaden lost his friends in an alternate dimension, his anger and sadness caused darkness to grow inside his heart - transforming him into the Supreme King. In a world where power rules everything, the Supreme King's army conquered the entire realm. He started using Evil HEROES instead of Elemental HEROES and wielded the ultimate Fusion card "Super Polymerization" to power them. Jim "Crocodile" Cook and Axel Brodie used the power of the Orichalcum to defeat the Supreme King - but at great cost to themselves.