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Complete their Character Unlock Missions to obtain them as playable characters.
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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

Yusei Fudo
Though calm and collected, no one can deny that a burning fire rages in Yusei's heart. Through his bond of friendship and his destiny as a Signer, Yusei has saved the world countless times. His Junk Deck focuses on low-Level monsters, but he extracts their full potential through Synchro Summoning. His go-to monster is the Signer Dragon "Stardust Dragon."
Jack Atlas
Jack Atlas goes by many names: The King, The Master of Faster, even Signer. But Yusei's friend is also his chief rival. Full of pride, Jack won't rest until he defeats Yusei to regain the Turbo Dueling crown. His Dueling style is to crush his opponents with overwhelming force. His ace monster is the legendary Signer Dragon "Red Dragon Archfiend."
Crow Hogan
Yusei and Jack's friend since childhood, Crow's rough exterior hides a kind heart. He raises orphans, affectionately calling them his "jackals." During his battle against the Dark Signers, he became a Signer himself. With his Blackwing Deck, he outwits his opponents to reap victory. His ace monster is the Signer Dragon "Black-Winged Dragon."
Akiza Izinski
A Signer bearing the Mark of the Crimson Dragon, Akiza was branded as a witch and widely feared for her psychic ability to make damage from Duels real. Her powers isolated her from society—until Yusei's kindness allowed her to open her heart. Her Plant-Type Deck focuses on roses. Her ace monster is one of the Signer Dragons: "Black Rose Dragon."
As Luna's older twin brother, Leo feels it's his duty to protect his frail sister. With boundless energy, no mistake or pratfall will get him down. His Machine-Type Deck is overflowing with Morphtronics. His ace monster is "Power Tool Dragon."
Leo's twin sister is also one of the Signers. The complete opposite of Leo, Luna is gentle, polite and mature for her age. She has the ability to hear the voices of Duel Monster spirits, so she builds her Fairy Deck using those same monsters. Her ace monster is not only a Signer Dragon, but also her friend: "Ancient Fairy Dragon."
Yusei's mysterious mentor is actually Bruno, Team 5D's chief mechanic. As Antinomy regains his memories, he remembers that he comes from a post-apocalyptic future, and he has traveled back in time to change it. He challenges Yusei to a Duel to open Yusei'
Officer Tetsu Trudge
As the Chief of Sector Security, Trudge has a strong sense of justice. It's unfortunate that he also has a strong sense of rude behavior. Trudge used to look upon Satellite citizens as garbage, but Yusei's heroism made him reevaluate his views. His Police Deck is a Sector Security staple—with his ace monster "Goyo Guardian" locking up countless criminals.
Dark Signer Kalin Kessler
As a Dark Signer, Kalin has the Mark of the Giant. In "happier" times, Kalin teamed up with Yusei and Jack to form The Enforcers—the most powerful Dueling team in Satellite. When he was captured by Sector Security, he mistakenly blamed Yusei for his imprisonment. These dark days turned Kalin into a Dark Signer. With his zero-cards-in-Hand combo, Kalin used "Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu" to punish Yusei for his misdeeds.
Dark Signer Carly Carmine
Before she was a Dark Signer, Carly was a newspaper reporter who wanted to get the exclusive on Jack Atlas. Though Jack first thought of her as an annoyance, Carly eventually became an important part of his life. Carly tried to help Jack by uncovering the Arcadia Movement's secrets, but she was led astray, turning her into the Dark Signer with the Mark of the Hummingbird. With her Fortune Ladies and "Earthbound Immortal Aslla piscu," she challenged Jack to a Duel of destiny.
Dark Signer Rex Goodwin
Director of New Domino City's Sector Security. Though Goodwin appeared to help the Signers, his goal was to acquire both the Signers and the Dark Signers' power to become the sole leader and end their millennia-long conflict. Using "Sun Dragon Inti," "Moon Dragon Quilla" and "Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca," he fought a 3-on-1 Turbo Duel against Yusei, Jack and Crow.
Kalin Kessler
When the Signers defeated the King of the Netherworld, Kalin was revived from the shadows. But remembering all the evil he caused as a Dark Signer, Kalin is caught in a cycle of guilt and regret. Wandering the world in search of answers, he settles in Crash Town—where he fights Duels with his very existence at stake.
Carly Carmine
As a newspaper reporter, Carly Carmine's job is to investigate the Dark Signers—but her goal is to get the scoop on Jack Atlas. Journalists aren't known for their Dueling skills, but even among them, Carly's abilities are subpar. When she's unsure about what to do, she turns to her Fortune Fairy Deck to give her guidance. Though she was once a Dark Signer, she remembers nothing about that time.
As one of the three Emperors of Iliaster, Primo aimed to rewrite the present to prevent a post-apocalyptic future. That required the complete destruction of New Domino City, which he was more than willing to do with his army of Duel Bots and his powerful "Meklord Emperor Wisel".
The Three Emperors of Iliaster - Primo, Lester and Jakob - combine together to form Aporia. One of the four remaining survivors of an apocalyptic wasteland, Aporia travels back in time so that he can change the future. But doing so requires the destruction of New Domino City - which he attempts to do using "Meklord Astro Mekanikle", a monster more powerful than every Meklord Emperor.
One of the four Emperors of Iliaster - the remaining survivors of the apocalypse - Paradox travels through time to try to save the future by eliminating the creator of Duel Monsters - Pegasus. However, other legendary Duelists travel through time to battle against him in the Town of Domino. He stole the most powerful monsters from various eras and transformed them into Malefic monsters to create the most powerful deck in history.
Z-one is one of the four Emperors of Iliaster and the last survivor of the apocalypse. Knowing that the Ener-D Reactor would annihilate the world, he vowed to change the future by executing Aporia and Antinomy's plan: Drop the Ark Cradle on the reactor to destroy it - along with New Domino City. He used his Timelords - the most powerful beings in history - to wage a ferocious battle against Yusei for the fate of the future.