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Game Overview

Duel World

Choose your favorite character and Duel against standard Duelists and powerful Legendary Duelists to raise your character's level, earn new cards, and complete missions, all of which help upgrade your Stage. As your Stage increases, you'll unlock new features - and new Legendary Duelists will appear for you to challenge!

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Online Versus

Take on friends and rival Duelists from around the world in real-time versus Duels! Computerized opponents can use Decks of past real-time opponents for practice matches, or watch replays of Duels from all over the world!

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As you progress through Duel World, iconic Yu-Gi-Oh! characters will gradually appear to accept your challenge, and if you beat their missions they'll be unlocked for you to use! Level them up to earn new cards and learn special skills that will turn the tide in future Duels!

  • Yami Yugi
  • Seto Kaiba
  • Joey Wheeler
  • Mai Valentine
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