Experience the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG on your mobile device!
Easy to learn and challenging to master! Experience Dueling in a whole new way!

Duel World

In Duel World, choose a character you like and challenge other Duelists!

Complete Missions to receive various items! Raise your Stage Level by completing Stage Missions, and new Legendary Duelists will appear!
New cards can be obtained at the Shop. Create your very own Deck using the cards you obtained!

Online PvP

Duel against friends and Duelists around the world in real-time! In addition, you can Duel against Decks used by previous opponents for practice or watch replays of other Duelists facing each other.

Ranked Duels
You will be matched with a player near your skill level! Aim for the high ranks!
Casual Duels
Duel a randomly matched opponent!
Friend Duels
Duel against players on your Friend List!
Duel Replays
Watch replays of previous Duels!