Duel in Duel World and characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! series will appear!
Complete their Character Unlock Missions to obtain them as playable characters.
Level your characters up to obtain cards and Skills.

Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions

Seto Kaiba
This elite Duelist battled countless times against Yugi—or more accurately, against the Pharaoh. Suffering a final defeat before the Pharaoh departed for the afterlife, Kaiba's desire for revenge still burns. He creates Duel Links in order to get a rematch, thus inventing a new battlefield for Duelists worldwide.
Mokuba Kaiba
Seto Kaiba's younger brother is also the Vice President of KaibaCorp. Since Seto is too busy with his own project, Mokuba manages the day-to-day affairs of running the company. As Mokuba grows both physically and emotionally, he helps his brother develop Duel Links so that he can achieve his ultimate goal.
Yugi Muto
When Yugi assembled the Millennium Puzzle, his body became the host of an Egyptian Pharaoh's spirit. Together, they faced numerous Duelists to save the world from destruction. With their mission complete, Yugi and the Pharaoh fought a ritual Duel to send the Pharaoh's soul to the afterlife—and the two headed their separate ways. As Yugi ponders what the future holds for him and his friends, Kaiba's schemes are bringing him back to the battlefield...
Joey Wheeler
Joey has an unbreakable bond of friendship with both Yugi and the Pharaoh. By battling the toughest opponents—including those who possess Millennium Items—Joey has greatly improved as a Duelist. His dream is to become a professional Duelist... if he can get the grades to graduate.
Téa Gardner
Yugi's childhood friend is always there to cheer him on—from his very first Duel to his final battle against the Pharaoh. Even as times change, Téa maintains a positive attitude and keeps pursuing her dreams. After graduating high school, Téa plans to study abroad.
Aigami, also known as Diva, is not only Sera's brother, but also the leader of the Plana—special individuals united together in a collective consciousness. Aigami's desire is to create a peaceful utopia—but to do so, he must prevent the Pharaoh from returning to this world. Therefore, he challenges those who can bring back the Pharaoh: Kaiba and Yugi. While Aigami's motives may appear benevolent, the death of his master Shadi has caused darkness and a desire for revenge to grow in his heart.
This mysterious girl has been a Duel Links tester since its inception. But she's also one of the Plana, so she's keen to discover what Kaiba's real reason is for creating Duel Links. Therefore, she secretly watches Kaiba's every move.
As Domino High School's resident bully, Scud and his cronies film their victims and upload the footage on the internet.
Bakura was once possessed by the evil of the Millennium Ring, but he broke free when the Pharaoh's soul left this world and the Millennium Items were buried under the earth. Though excited to find out what the future would hold for him and his friends, Bakura would learn evil was never far away...