eFootball™ 2023 SEASON 2

The theme for Season 2 is "The Football Festival".
As soccer fans eagerly anticipate the impending whirlwind of emotions, eFootball™ will also be bringing you a wide variety of in-game National Team Events.
Season 2 is set to kick off on 11/17/2022.

Be a part of "The Football Festival" and join the world in celebrating soccer's grandest spectacle!

Play Special National Team Matches (Available for a Limited Time)

Enjoy heated competition in "The Football Festival" with national representatives and your very own Dream Team.

National Teams Selectable in Trial Match
40 National Teams from around the world will be available in Trial Match for a limited time.
Console users will also be available to play offline 2 vs 2 matches.
With national pride on the line, use your favorite National Teams and show your true strength!
*National Teams will be available in Trial Match after installing v2.2.0 (scheduled to release on 11/16/2022).
The Battle for Ultimate National Glory
Introducing "The International Cup Experience", a vs AI tournament Event in which users take to the field using 1 of 46 available national teams. Play matches to advance through the group stage, and topple the opposition in the knockout stage!
Fly the flag of your own National Team, or use your favorite national teams and aim for ultimate glory!
Limited-time Events in Dream Team
Every week, we will be introducing Tour Events and Challenge Events which require specific conditions to be played. For example, the Challenge Events may require you to assemble a squad with players of certain nationalities or within a Collective Strength cap. Tour Events may be themed after specific National Teams, giving you a chance to experiment with different players.
Field your best team while fulfilling the Event Conditions. You will be amazed at the importance and the endless possibilities of player application.
Nation-based Competition for All Users
With a total prize pool of 1 billion eFootball™ Coins to be split among users, the big event "eFootball™ International Cup" is now underway.
Enter with your own Country/Region or your favorite National Team, and contribute with a goal or a win!

Heroes of the Nations

In line with the international tournament calendar, standout players from National Teams will also be making their presence felt in-game.

National Selection
On Mondays, sensational talent from National Teams will be introduced with a distinctive theme.
POTW: International Cup
On Thursdays, standout players in international fixtures will be introduced and powered-up to reflect their remarkable performance.
"Big Time": Brand-new Epic Player Cards
Every Thursday, some of the best soccer players from past and present will have their standout season recreated as Epic players.
As an additional theme to Epic, "Big Time" picks up "the match" that ricocheted those players to superstardom.
These Player Cards feature special card designs, and the players' faces are faithfully reproduced in-game to reflect those specific moments in their career.
Epic (Big Time) Recreating "the match" that shined the brightest in the illustrious careers of soccer players past and present.

*Card images and player stats are not finalized, and may undergo changes in the future.

The commentary team will also be making special remarks for certain players. This helps create an immersive experience, as if we were watching live broadcast and bore witness to those unforgettable moments in real-time. Those players will also be able to perform a "Monumental Celebration", which is the exact goal celebration that they performed in the highlighted match.
The addition of past soccer stars makes Dream Team all the more enjoyable.

*Players' availability period is subject to change. Please see in-game for more information.
National Team Pack
Introducing a series of 11-player sets with original card designs. Whether you're a die-hard fan, a newcomer to the game, or an established veteran who's looking to bolster your squad, these well-balanced sets of players will make your Dream Team all the more competitive!
As for the special edition National Team Pack [Premium], you will find 1 newly introduced "Big Time" player as the centerpiece of the team.
4 types of National Team Pack [Premium] will be available for purchase starting 11/17/2022.
Other European soccer nations will also be getting their own National Team Pack in due course, so stay tuned for more!

Bolster Your Team with "Match Pass"

Also introducing "Match Pass", an addition that will surely help you further strengthen your Dream Team.
"Match Pass" is an in-game reward system in which you can earn a wide variety of rewards by completing the indicated number of matches. From Nominating Contracts to Training Programs and many more; these in-game items will surely come in handy in times of player signing and progression.
*Matches played in Online Quick Match, Friend Match, Trial Match, or Training are not eligible for Match Pass rewards.

Regular Match Pass is available to all users for free.
Use eFootball™ Coins to unlock "Value Match Pass" and "Premium Match Pass", and get your hands on more rewards.
Moreover, you can find players that are only available in "Value Match Pass" and "Premium Match Pass".

With the inclusion of "Match Pass", you will be able to earn more rewards with each match.
Play matches and further bolster your squad with the well-earned rewards!