eFootball™ 2023 SEASON 1

The 2023 season of eFootball™ World will soon be underway.
Adding to the already star-studded lineup of Lionel Messi, Neymar, and Takefusa Kubo, 2 new global ambassadors will join forces with eFootball™ and take the game to new heights!
We would like to welcome to the eFootball™ family Trent Alexander-Arnold, the English star whose unrivalled crossing accuracy blurred the lines between "defender" and "playmaker" while synonymizing him as one of the best suppliers in modern soccer, and Bruno Fernandes, the Portuguese sensation, the most formidable and prolific of "No. 8"s, who loves to take any game by the scruff of the neck with his phenomenal physicality and game-reading prowess.
Recreating their movement and signature skills through the aid of motion capture, the gameplay is evolving together with the sport.
From legends that have already made their marks in the game, to generational talent that is going to take the sport to a higher plane, be a part of the paradigm shift with this new Season of eFootball™ 2023!

New Season Kickoff -New Player Types & Licenses-

The theme for Season 1 will be "New Season Kickoff -New Player Types & Licenses-".
With a new season comes new players and managers, as well as new hopes and dreams for clubs and supporters. Lace yourself up and enjoy the return of soccer with the latest uniforms and player data!

New Player Types

  • Introducing 2 new Player Card Types that will offer more team-building freedom than ever before!
    Design the "evolution" of your own players through player progression!

Highlight Hand-picked players who have put in exceptional performances in the "current season" and have a higher progression ceiling than Featured.
Epic Celebrating the "defining season" of big names past and present with a higher progression ceiling than Legendary.

*Card images and player stats are not finalized, and may undergo changes in the future.

New Licences

eFootball™ 2023 will see a number of new licenses being added to the game.
Two soccer clubs, both alike in dignity and heritage, we lay our scene in fair Milan as we introduce "AC Milan" and "Internazionale Milano" into the game. Joining them will be the soaring eagle of Mexican soccer, "Club América", and the immensely intense league that they hail from, "Liga BBVA MX".
Apart from the authentic uniforms, players from "AC Milan" and "Internazionale Milano" will also be donning the eFootball™ original training kit in-game. Seeing the players in training kits during warm-up will surely add to the occasion.

Dream Team Power Packs

Bolster your Dream Team with these new packs!

Club Pack/Premium Ambassador Pack

Completed with 11 player cards with exclusive designs, our new partner clubs "AC Milan", "Internazionale Milano", and "Club América" will be available as Club Packs.
Whether you're a die-hard supporter of the club, a newcomer to the game, or an established veteran who's looking to bolster your squad, these well-balanced sets of players will make your Dream Team all the more competitive! Depicting the here and the now of the soccer club, player in these packs will be of the "Highlight" Player Type with the latest data.

Furthermore, our newest global ambassador Trent Alexander-Arnold will be taking the center stage with his very own "Premium Ambassador Pack"!
Recreating his phenomenal 2019-20 season where his limitless supply from the right flank was fundamental in securing domestic glory with his club; "TAA" will be introduced as an "Epic" player in this unmissable pack!
10 of his very best colleagues will also join forces with him as "Highlight" players.

Our other new ambassador, Bruno Fernandes, will also be having his very own pack this coming this fall. Keep your eyes peeled!

Manager Pack

We are not quite done yet. Also introducing "Manager Pack", a set of Training Programs, along with a managerial mastermind to take the reins of your Dream Team!
J. Cruijff and F. Cannavaro are suited and ready to propel your Dream Team to the next level.
Executing possession soccer to a tee, J. Cruijff helped secure the "El Dream Team" dynasty of FC Barcelona with his emphasis on midfield plays. His self-explanatory brand of soccer has earned him a special Coaching Affinity, where MF players under his wing will enjoy a 400% increase in Experience Points gained during matches.
An irreplaceable piece of the "Catenaccio" that helped cement Italy's place at the apex of international soccer, there is no disputing F. Cannavaro's reputation as one of the best defenders the game has ever seen. His special Coaching Affinity will see DF players enjoying a 400% increase in Experience Points gained during matches.
Strengthen a specific part of the field with the help of these managers and Training Programs!

Get the most out of eFootball™ 2023 with these special packs, and experience the charm and talent of our new partner clubs and ambassadors firsthand!

Game Updates

Authentic Team

The entire partner club lineup will be available in Trial Match.
A total of 26 teams will be at your disposal, including the newly licensed "AC Milan", "Internazionale Milano" and "Club América"!
Play matches using soccer powerhouses from around the world. While you're at it, do some scouting for your next Dream Team signing!

  • AI Control Option in Tour Events

    You can now have the AI control your own team in Tour Events. Feel free to take a step back and use the AI as a reference point for tactical and player applications!

  • National Team as Base Team

    Apart from club teams, you can now set national teams as your Base Team for Dream Team.
    With high-profile national team matches coming up, rep your nation in Events and join in the hype!