New Update (v3.4.0) Available (1/3)
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A new update (v3.4.0) is now available.
See below for details.

■ Feature Addition and Changes
・ Added new feature "Position Training" for users to acquire and add Position Proficiencies to players.
・ Made changes to the explanation screen of Booster Effects and Conditions.
・ Made changes to the structure of the Top Menu displayed when logged out.
・ Implemented adjustments to the effects of managers' Team Playstyle Proficiencies.

■ Updates and Additions
・ Added a new stadium (Estadio Olímpico Universitario).

The following data have also been updated:
・ Player photos, graphics and data
・ Strips
・ Club emblems
・ Boots
・ Balls
・ Stadium graphics
・ Pitch-side advertising boards
・ Media backdrops and corner flags
・ Cinematics and animations
・ Commentary

■ New Season Data Updates
The team structures of the following leagues have been updated with data from the new season.
・ Brasileirão Assaí
・ Brasileirão Betano Série B
・ USL Championship

■ Gameplay Fixes and Adjustments
Based on the various opinions we received in user interviews and surveys, we have made gameplay adjustments and modifications in this update with a particular emphasis on defending.

〇 Dribbling
・ Implemented enhancements to the response when switching between a normal dribble and a Dash Dribble.

〇 Traps
・ Fixed the issue where players' speed of movement when controlling the ball may be unnaturally fast.
・ Implemented adjustments so that players will now control oncoming balls with the inside of their foot, in scenarios where controlling with the sole of the foot would hinder responsiveness.

〇 Passing
・ Implemented adjustments to alleviate the issue of players not being able to receive passes adequately.
・ Implemented adjustments for low passes so that the cursor will now switch to a more suitable teammate.
・ Implemented adjustments for lofted through passes so that passes will now be played towards a position that is easier for the teammate to receive.
・ Implemented adjustments to the motion and trajectory of throws from the goalkeeper so that throws will now be played towards a position that is easier for the teammate to receive.
・ Added new kicking motions for players with the "Outside Curler" Player Skill to use the outside of their foot to kick mid-air balls diagonally backwards towards the side of their dominant foot.
Players with Very High Weak Foot Accuracy can perform the same motion with their weak foot.

〇 Shooting
・ Implemented adjustments to make the trajectory of headers more suitable to the situations. The posture and the position of the player in relation to the opponent when heading will affect the trajectory more than before.
・ Implemented adjustments so that a more suitable heading motion will be triggered according to the situation.
・ Implemented adjustments so that the more free the player is when attempting a header, the less likely the trajectory would end up widely off target.

〇 Kicking
・ Changed the free-kick, corner kick motions and certain Controlled Shot motions of T. Kubo to data captured by the player himself. The new Controlled Shot motions will be applied when the player attempts a shot with his dominant foot diagonally to the right of the player's body orientation while dribbling.
・ Implemented adjustments to alleviate the issue of players taking an extra touch instead of playing one-touch passes and one-touch shots after a kick input.
・ Implemented adjustments to the accuracy of kicks when the ball arrives from behind and is kicked to difficult angles such as sideways. Kicks in these situations will now be less accurate than before.
・ Implemented adjustments to seamless free-kicks so that a more suitable kicking motion will be triggered according to the situation.