Dream Team

What is "Dream Team"?

This is where you can build your original team by signing your favourite players and managers. When you are ready, put your team to test by taking part in various events or fight for promotion in the Division-based eFootball™ League.

Let's Sign Some Players

When you first start playing "Dream Team", you will have a 23-men squad consisting of original players.*
However, as these players are not high in stats, you should sign some players that could provide a serious boost to your team.
You can sign players via [Contract]. For starters, let's put the introductory rewards to good use by signing a player from the "Standard Player List".
*If you have players carried over from the previous instalment, your starting squad may not consist of original players.
・ Special Player List
You can sign players that have put in top performances in real-life matches, players from featured leagues and football legends here.
*May not be available in certain Countries/Regions.
・ Standard Player List
You can sign any player of your choice here. Use the filters to find your favourite players.
・ Manager List
You can sign managers of different Coaching Affinity that excel in various tactical setups.
[Tips] Use Filters to Find Players and Managers
If you want to sign players from your favourite teams or of a specific position, use the filters to pinpoint your search.

Register Your Signed Players

You will need to register your signed players via [Game Plan] to have them featured in matches.

Enjoy Matches

When you are done building your team with your newly signed players, head on over to [Match].

・ Events
From the "Starter" event created especially for the new users, to AI matches against teams from featured leagues; Take part in a variety of events that correspond with the real-life football season. Test your mettle against the AI with "VS AI Matches", or go up against Dream Teams from around the globe with "User Matches" – With a plenitude of events on offer, you will never have a dull moment.
・ eFootball™ League
This is a Division-based league, where users from around the globe will be battling it out using their Dream Teams.
Each Phase will last 28 days, during which you will be playing matches repeatedly with the aim of progressing to the highest Division possible.
At the end of a Phase, rewards will be awarded according to the highest Division reached. Rankings will be reset and a new Phase begins.
・ Online Quick Match
Enjoy casual online PvP matches against users around the world. These matches will not be counted towards your match records.
[Tips] Complete the Objectives

Get rewarded for clearing "Objectives", which are in-game challenges.
Enjoy a deeper and richer Dream Team experience by completing these objectives and earning all kinds of rewards.
You can also earn more and better rewards with "Premium Objectives", which you can purchase using eFootball™ Coins.

Develop Your Players

Apart from players of certain Player Types, you can further develop your signed players.
Head onto [My Team] > [Players] and select the player that you wish to develop.

Follow these 2 steps to develop your player.

  1. 1) Level up your players by featuring them in matches, or by using "Level Training Programs" that you have received as event rewards etc.
  2. 2) Use the Progression Points that you earned from levelling up the player, and develop him via "Player Progression".
〇 What is Player Progression?

Player Progression is a functionality that allows you to develop your players exactly to your liking, by way of utilising "Progression Points" earned from levelling up a player.
In Player Progression, you can develop your player with respect to 2 elements: [Player Stats] and [Team Playstyle Proficiency].

・ Player Stats
Shooting, dribbling, or defending just to name a few; You can develop your players by boosting their stats with respect to the different categories. Your player's Player Stats will increase in accordance with the different categories.
If you can't put your finger on an exact category to develop, use the [Suggested] function to have the points allocated automatically.
・ Team Playstyle Proficiency
"Team Playstyle" defines the tactical setup of the team, and can be configured via [Game Plan]. All players and managers have an attribute called "Team Playstyle Proficiency" that indicates how adept they are at each Team Playstyle. The more the players are in line with the configured Team Playstyle, the better their movement will be on the pitch.
[Tips] Types of Team Playstyle and the Effects of Team Playstyle Level
There are 5 Team Playstyles on offer: "Possession Game", "Quick Counter", "Long Ball Counter", "Out Wide", and "Long Ball".
Beware that if your Team Playstyle Level is low, your players will not be able to fulfil their true potential.
Player movements will gradually improve as your Team Playstyle Level reaches 50, and at 70 your team will be able to realise their potential. For starters, choose your preferred Team Playstyle and aim for a Team Playstyle Level of 70 and above!
When you manage to increase your Team Playstyle Level above 70, you will notice that your players will be able to put in a show above their normal capabilities.

Seasonal Themes

Dream Team is carried out through separate periods called "Seasons".
Each Season's theme will reflect hot topics in the real footballing world, and will have a wide variety of events to match. There are Challenge Events for you to play against other users, or Tour Events for you to go up against the AI. These are some amongst the many events that we have on offer.
Gain the upper hand in events by signing players and building a squad that matches the Season's theme.
Build a unique team for each Season, and enjoy all kinds of matches!

[Additional Information]

○In-game Assets and Contracts
Please see the following for information regarding in-game assets earned via Dream Team, and the different ways to sign players.
Virtual Currency
eFootball™ Coins These are Coins that can be used to sign players and purchase in-game items etc. They can be acquired in-game or via [Shop].
GP This is an in-game currency that can be used to sign players and managers etc. It can be acquired by meeting certain conditions in-game.
eFootball™ Points These are Points that can be used to sign players and exchange in-game items. Apart from acquiring them in-game, you can also get them via out-of-game campaigns. eFootball™ Point Official Site
Chance Deal An item that allows you to sign a random player from a list of players tailored for this deal.
Nominating Contract An item that allows you to sign a player of your choosing from a list of players tailored for this contract.
○Player Signings and Card Types

The different Player Types, and the ways to sign players are described below.

Epic Legendary Trending Highlight Featured Standard Standard (Foil)
Overview Celebrating the "defining season" of big names past and present, with a higher progression ceiling than Legendary. Players are based on a specific season when they had a stellar performance (This also includes retired players who had a brilliant career) Players are based on a specific match or week in which they put an impressive performance during this season Hand-picked players who have put in exceptional performances in the "current season", with a higher progression ceiling than Featured. Hand-picked players that are depicted based on their performance during the current season Players are based on their performance during the current season *For Standard players, there is a certain possibility for you to sign a player with a higher Team Playstyle Proficiency than normal.
Player development Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
How to sign ・eFootball™ Coins (Random)
・Chance Deal
・eFootball™ Points (Nominated)
・eFootball™ Coins (Random)
・Chance Deal
・eFootball™ Points (Nominated)
・Nominating Contract
・eFootball™ Coins (Random)
・eFootball™ Coins (Random)
・Chance Deal
・eFootball™ Points (Nominated)
・eFootball™ Coins (Random)
・Chance Deal
・eFootball™ Points (Nominated)
・eFootball™ Coins (Random)
・GP (Nominated)
・Chance Deal
・GP (Nominated)
・Chance Deal

*Fixed some erroneous information. (Updated 14/10/2022)
*Card images and player stats are not finalised, and may undergo changes in the future.