PES 2019


A new Update File (Data Pack 3.00 & Patch 1.03.00) was released on 06/12/2018.
See below for further details.

■Updates and Additions
・Updated Legend images
・Updated face models
・Updated strips
・New boots added
・New balls added
・New stadiums added

■ Gameplay Adjustments
・Fixed an issue that caused the player cursor to switch automatically in inappropriate situations.
・Adjusted the way in which goalkeepers position when the goal is attacked from the wing.
・Adjusted goalkeeper behaviour, preventing them from dashing forward too quickly in situations where an attacker is bearing down on the goal.
・Fixed an issue that caused unrealistic ball behaviour when performing kick feints off of a first touch.
・Adjusted the frequency with which the COM switches its cursor between players during VS COM matches.

・Fixed an issue causing player locks applied on the [New Signings via Agent] screen to be removed in situations where connection issues prevent you from proceeding to the next screen properly.
・Fixed a Master League issue that prevented use of Training, Skill Training and Youth Team Training, and also caused the Actual Progress displayed on the Development Sheet for some players to drop sharply after a certain age.
・Fixed an issue that affected certain Master League matches after the update on 25/10/2018, causing them to be held during the day despite being night matches.
・Fixed an issue that caused Master League’s AFC Champions League to be displayed as “Failed” in [Manager’s Office] > [Missions], even if you had not played the league to its completion yet.
・Fixed an issue that prevented users from closing the chat window during matches in certain Online modes.
・Fixed an issue causing the base colour of edited strips to remain unchanged even after downloading data packs that should alter the base colour.
・Fixed an issue causing original player ratings to be displayed in the Team Select Screen for PES LEAGUE CO-OP competitions; even when the Uniform Overall Ratings setting had been applied.