A new patch is available to download as of February 15, 2018. Updates included in this patch are as follows.

・Other players met while playing certain online game modes are listed on the Players Met screen available via the PlayStation®4 system's home screen > Friends.

・When executing a dynamic one-two pass (manual), the player who makes the pass now responds to control inputs as expected.
・When the cursor is on the goalkeeper, he no longer automatically moves toward the action when the opposing team passes the ball.

・After selecting only non-defense players to join the attack in Game Plan, the setting is no longer discarded when moving to the Squad Management screen.

<Master League>
・When releasing a player injured in a preseason tournament and later signing him again, the player will correctly appear in the match after showing on the pre-match Game Plan screen.
・Certain players' names no longer display as 'Player Removed' under certain conditions.

■Other improvements to gameplay experience in various modes.