The 2 campaigns for myClub mode, the Early Bird Campaign Special and the myClub Starter Pack will also be held for this year's title.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to start off with a strong squad in myClub.

Early Bird Campaign Special

All users who complete the myClub mode tutorial by October 5 2017 11:59 p.m (UTC) can receive their bonus in their myClub Inbox.

myClub Starter Kit(Physical and digital versions are same item)

The items in the myClub Starter Kit do not require any code authentication. All users who complete the myClub tutorial by the time the service finishes will be able to receive the bonus items in their myClub Inbox.

  • Early Bird Campaign Special
  • TOTY 2016
  • myClub Starter Kit
  • Premium Partner Agents
  • myClub Starter Kit
  • Start Up Agent
  • myClub Starter Kit
  • 10000GP x 10weeks
  • myClub Starter Kit
  • 1000 myClub Coins ※PS3, Xbox 360 only

Bonus Details TOTY 2016 1 random player among the 11 TEAM OF THE YEAR 2016 (Lv.1) *Players may change subject to events such as transfers.
Premium Partner Agents 1 Player from [FC BARCELONA] [BORUSSIA DORTMUND] [LIVERPOOL FC] that have overall rating of 75 or more (Lv. 1)
Start Up Agent 1 Lv. 1 player for each core position (GK, DF, MF, FW)
10000GP x 10weeks 10,000 GP* will be presented for 10 weeks when you register and start myClub PES 2018. *GP are Game Points that are presented in-game and can be used to improve and enhance your team, such as signing players and managers.
1000 myClub Coins 1000 myClub Coins