eFootball™ 2022 SEASON 1

"Season" is a new concept that will be introduced to eFootball™ World.
A Season will be defined by a theme, that reflects the newest football trend. This theme will also be at the centre of your experience of eFootball™, since it will be emulated into various aspects of the game.
The theme for Season 1 is "New Gameplay Approach, Team Building & Licenses".
One of the major themes of this Season is the focus on new functions and gameplay improvements that allow you to enjoy the thrills of offence vs defence match-ups seen in modern football.
Another important theme is the "Dream Team", where you can sign and develop your favourite players to create your perfect team. Thanks to the limitless freedom to fine tune your players and tactics, you can be sure that your team will be one-of-a-kind.
Last, but not least, new licenses have been added to the game, expanding the ways you can enjoy the game.
eFootball™ World is kicking off Season 1 with a bang, so make sure to be part of this exciting moment!

New Gameplay Approach

■ Passing

・Stunning Kicks
Change the attacking rhythm in a heartbeat with an incisive "Stunning Kick".
Utilising the pure pace of the ball, a "Stunning Pass" towards the player's feet can be the inception of a series of passing plays. This may be the decisive factor that provides a much-needed breakthrough in tight situations.
A "Stunning Cross" carries a sharp and dipping ball trajectory as it pinpoints that decisive opening between the defence and the keeper. Now, it is the striker's turn to tuck it away with a single touch.
Stunning Kicks aren't just about that final pass through narrow spaces; Deep inside his own half, the ball holder spots his teammate wide open in the opposite flank. If he can switch the play incisively, his teammate will be thanking him with his own display of dribbling prowess.
The passing virtuoso has the ball with acres of space around him. The whole stadium are on the edge of their seats as soon as he lifts his foot from the ground, anticipating a pass that will stun friend and foe alike.
・Pass-and-run (Cross Over)
Diagonal movement is paramount in the game of football. Not only does it create spaces for players to receive passes, it can also draw the oppositions away and give the ball holder more options for passing and shooting. Now you can perform this tactical move with the new command, "Pass-and-run (Cross Over)".
Be it down the flanks or right in front of goal — Create new attacking patterns with diagonal runs.
The pass connects with the playmaking maestro high up the pitch, and the entire stadium watches on with bated breathes. He meets the oncoming ball meticulously with the outside of his right boot and flicks a sublime pass right at the feet of his teammate, who is making a darting run towards the penalty area. All that's left is a finish to match.
For this instalment, variations and responses of flicks have vastly improved. From calculated floaters to incisive Stunning Passes, orchestrate link-up plays with different one-touch passing trajectories at your disposal.

■ Shooting

・Stunning Shots
The "Stunning Shot" is a new command in which players take a bigger step towards the ball before attempting a powerful shot on the goal. Dipping blows, surprising knuckleballs, and rising shots that could pierce right through the goal net are iconic shot trajectories that can be triggered through this command. A self-confident striker will always look to assert his personality through his Stunning Shots.
As soon as he starts taking that powerful stride towards the ball, he can already sketch out the picturesque trajectory of the imminent shot in his mind, whilst also imagining a unison of deafening cheers echoing throughout the stadium as he celebrates his inevitable goal.
・Driven Shots
In a tight match, the prolific cross specialist is waiting for the perfect timing to do his magic. Inside the box, the striker prepares to pounce, even though he is being tightly marked. In the blink of an eye, the cross specialist sees an opening and makes a perfect cross from out wide. Without missing a heartbeat, the striker leaps into the air, just that bit earlier than the onrushing defender, and slams a powerful header in between the goalkeeper's legs.
Players will drive their headers and volleys towards the ground by performing Stunning Shots while the ball is mid-air. These shots are extra difficult for goalkeepers to deal with, and also provide an opportunity for the striker to tuck away second chances from spillages even if the initial shot is blocked.
・Innumerous Finishing Moves
A floating cross that begs to be met with a glancing header; A pacy cutback placed right in front of the keeper in wait of a timely tap; A bounce pass that finds the feet of a dashing teammate in the opposite side — With the ability to put in crosses with different trajectories, it is expected that the strikers match the quality of the cross with a fantastic finish of their own.
With vivid attacking plays like these on offer, you will be longing to score another breathtaking goal.

■ Dribbling

・Sharp Touch
When going up against defenders, manipulating the dribbling rhythm is a tried-and-true tactic to ensure that the dribbler has the upper hand; Watch as the opposing defender sizes up the ball holder with easy steps, then make a big touch away into open space and leave him wrongfooted when the chance arises — This is where "Sharp Touch" comes into play.
Don't think that Sharp Touch can only beused when there is space around your player; It can actually be used to finesse away from the crowding defenders, or leave them red-faced with an enchanting nutmeg or an equally exhilarating run around dribble. As you can see, it is a vital weapon in a dribbler's arsenal.
The defender keeps an eye on the pacy dribbler, wary of any sudden movements — This is a situation where the "Overtake" command shines. By performing this dummy move, the ball holder can bait the defender to lose his balance. When that happens, the dribbler can easily leave the frustrated opponent behind and dash towards the goal.
Although it is often the sensational pace and the brilliant feints that make dribbling so mesmerising for the spectators, it is equally important for the dribbler to use his body skilfully and maintain control of the ball before linking up with other teammates. The "Shield" command allows you to keep possession by putting your player's body between the opponent and the ball to create more space and time ahead of the next move.

〇 Defending

The "Match-up" is the one of the best moves a player has to prevent a pesky dribbler from passing through. Approaching the oncoming dribbler with a lowered stance, the defender keeps his goal covered using fine steps. If he can run the opponent out of space by driving him off to the flanks, his well-earned reward is an easy recovery of possession.
Match-up is equally effective against passes and shots. The defender can render opposition crosses useless with a stuck out foot, and even throw his body overboard and become a defensive bulwark for the team in desperate moments.
・Shoulder Charge
Any player can win a ball. However, a true defender knows that his superior strength is a vital weapon in making sure that no one gets through. The best thing a defender can hear is when his opponent cries, "I'm no match for this guy".
As the opposition dribbler takes a touch forward, run alongside him and use "Shoulder Charge" to win the ball back. This is also effective for when the opponent is trying to control an oncoming ball or line a kick up. After tasting the turf many times over, safe to say the opponent won't be keen on receiving another pass.
・Call for Pressure
Given the high-octane nature of modern football, it is extremely difficult to defend the goal with a single player. To win the ball back strategically, it is important to instruct the entire team to put pressure on the ball holder, cut off passing lanes and push up the defensive line.
With the new command "Call for Pressure" you can give the opposition a taste of this modernistic defending approach. Regain possession by applying pressure as a team, and suit yourself for the counter attack.

New Team Building "Dream Team"

This is a brand-new game mode where you can build your original team by signing players and managers, and compete against users from around the world.

In "Dream Team", you can handpick and sign players and managers that are consonant with your football ideologies. Moreover, you can develop and strengthen your players for them to match your own playstyle.

Making use of in-game items that you can acquire over the course of matches; Organising your team through signing and developing players; Finding the Team Playstyle that suits you best — Build your very own "Dream Team" and bring your football ideologies into life.

Most importantly, take part in heated battles against "Dream Teams" built by users around the world to prove that you are truly the best!

New Licences

Added licenses for the Japanese and American leagues.
Keep an eye out during this Season for in-game events that are themed after these amazing leagues!