New Update File (v0.9.1) Available (1/2)

A new update file (v0.9.1) is now available.
More information is provided below.

■ Fixes
・ The application may crash due to an error.
・ Some players are shown as a floating suit or disappear entirely in the pre-match cutscene.
・ Some players may be shown wearing a suit in the 'Select Uniform' menu.
・ The lighting in the Select Uniform menu may not work as intended.
・ Background objects may appear blurry in the pre-match Select Team menu.
・ Some objects may not be displayed during the pre-match cutscenes due to slow loading times.
・ Players' arms clip into each other in an unnatural manner during pre-match national anthem scenes and post-match victory scenes.
・ The field's grass is not shown three-dimensionally during the pre-match cutscene.
・ Objects, such as cameramen on the side of the field, may disappear during goal-scoring scenes.
・ Some advertisement boards located around the field may display an erroneous image.
・ Some elements, such as the cameraman model, may clip into stadium structures during cutscenes.
・ Some commands stop working correctly if the 'Physical Defending' command is attributed to a different button than the initial setting.
・ The transition performance (wipe animation) that should appear before a replay may not display correctly.
・ The referee may be shown as being trapped on the surface of the field during a match.
・ The wrong scene may be displayed for a moment when a match scene changes.
・ Players fail at trapping low arc passes coming from a corner kick.
・ Players (aside from the set piece taker) may run through the advertisement boards and out of the field during a corner kick.
・ The set piece taker may grab the ball with his hands when he is about to kick it during a corner kick.
・ During a goal kick, the goalkeeper is shown kicking the ball in a position that is far away from it. This is triggered if a Position Shift command was performed before the kick.
・ Some commands fail to have effect when they are entered at the same time as a cursor change command during a match.
・ The player may miss the ball completely when attempting to shoot.
・ If the ball is cleared just as it crosses over the goal line into the goal, it may incorrectly be judged as not having gone in.
・ Some players may suddenly disappear during a match.
・ The player substitution cutscene is sometimes shown under the wrong conditions.
・ The referee and players may start gliding around when idling before kick off.
・ Replays do not play when a quick restart leads to an offside.
・ Replay cameras are sometimes unstable.
・ Erroneous objects may be displayed during some goal celebrations. Specifically, objects that are close to the camera (and should be invisible) are displayed during the celebration.
・ Players may get caught up in the goal net when performing a goal celebration close to the goal.
・ Some goal celebrations rarely appear as an option after scoring.