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  • (Advanced Notice)PES CLUB MANAGER Update Notice

    The update for PES CLUB MANAGER is scheduled for 15/4.

    Updates to many training events coming in this version!
    Apart from Legend Special Traits and "Players of the Moment ", a new Special Trait exclusive to standard players will be available! With this new trait, you'll be able to upgrade the standard players in your team!
    Also, changes that make it easier to train POTM players are being planned as well.
    Stay tuned for more updates to be released in the future!

    The following feature modifications will be included in the update.
    ・Modification for Scout Contacts
    In this update, the oldest possible age for players found by using Scout Contacts will be lowered to 22 from 24.
    *U20 Contacts will not be affected by this change and will continue to find players aged 18-20.

    We hope you will continue to enjoy PES CLUB MANAGER.

  • Monthly Stars Scout Underway!

    Monthly Stars, a series of players with improved stats based on their performance in real-life matches, is now available!The chance rate for 7★ players will be higher!
    In this edition, Scout x10 will guarantee a 7★ Monthly Star!Scout the Monthly Stars and take your team to the next level!

    The Monthly Stars of March will be featured.

    This scout guarantees a "Monthly Stars" player that is 6★ or above.
    *Scout x1 is available a maximum of 3 times per user.

    Initial discount for Scout x10! In this edition, Scout x10 will guarantee a 7★ Monthly Star!

    All Monthly Stars will come with the Players of the Moment special trait.

    *Please check the Scout Information in each scout menu for details.

    Duration: 3/4 - 10/4 5:00 (GMT)

  • POTM Training Pack now on sale!

    You will receive free bonus items along with PES Coins if you purchase the POTM Training Pack.

    ★POTM Training Pack

    ・S. DINIZ(★7/FRANCE) x1
    ・Special Coach (Random Trait) - ★5~★7 x3
    ・Special Coach (Trait Exp: Medium) x5

    ★POTM Training Pack 5

    ・S. DINIZ(★7/FRANCE) x5
    ・Special Coach (Trait Exp: Large) x10
    ・Special Coach (Trait Exp: Medium) x20

    The 7★ Trainer S.DINIZ possesses a rare Trainer Skills called 'POTM Training'.

    Trainer Skills:POTM Training

    Trainer's Ability Boost increased when training Players of the Moment s.

    Win those trainers to help build your team!

    *Trainer "S. DINIZ" cannot be found from a scout.
    *Only 1 purchase available for each user.
    *The POTM Training Pack may be released again in the future again after the conclusion of the current campaign.

    Go to Shop for more details.

    Duration: 3/4 - 10/4 05:00 (GMT)

  • GLOBAL CHAMPIONSHIP:Team Training Period

    The Team Training Period of the GLOBAL CHAMPIONSHIP has started!

    Association cup is a tournament event fought by a team that would be built upon by you and your fellow association members' cooperation.

    The event will have 3 different phases.

    [ Entry Period ]
    Duration: 27/3 - 30/3 5:00 (GMT)

    ・The Association's president can make entry into the competition and select the Team Traits of the association's team, which will decide the kind of players that can be registered into the team.

    Team Traits available for this Competition

    [ Team Training Period ]
    Duration: 30/3 - 6/4 5:00 (GMT)
    ・In case if the association hasn't entered the competition, all association members will become capable of making entry to the competition and select the Team Traits.
    * However the Team Traits cannot be changed once it's been selected.
    ・You'll be able to register player into the association team and train the team.
    ・From this edition, you're able to Reregister the player you already registered to the Association team and overwrite the player's ability except for Teamwork.

    [ Maint Tournament ]
    Duration: 6/4 - 13/4 5:00 (GMT)


    Use a Hall of Fame team and become champions!
    The CLASSIC TOURNAMENT is a knockout competition that you can play using Hall of Fame teams.
    Use 2019-20 season players to gain the upper hand in matches!

    Duration: 30/3 - 6/4 5:00 (GMT)

    Once you reach the Amateur Division, a Club Museum will be built which will include a Hall of Fame.
    Edit your Hall of Fame team to compete in the CLASSIC TOURNAMENT.

    To play in a CLASSIC TOURNAMENT you need Tournament Energy.

    During the event, Tournament Energy is restored by 1 energy point every day at 5:00 (GMT). You can possess up to 2 points simultaneously, and can earn up to a maximum of 7 points in total. The main tournament consists of 5 matches, and any remaining points can be used for playing exhibition matches.

    If you find yourself knocked out of the cup in a early stage, exhibition matches are still available to play for the remaining event period. Winning an exhibition match can still earn you rewards, so try to make the most of the tournament while it's in progress.

    If two teams can't be separated after normal time, the match will go to extra time and then penalties if necessary. Win the match to claim your rewards.

  • Current Event: Spot Sponsor

    Spot Sponsor Underway!

    Duration: 30/3 - 6/4 5:00 (GMT)

    As you progress through a season while this event is live, you'll receive offers from multiple Spot Sponsors. Choose 1 of the offers and complete the challenge to earn a reward. Even if you don't complete the challenge, you'll still receive more offers over the course of the season.

    You can even earn special rewards for completing multiple challenges. Attempt as many as you can to earn big prizes!

    *You must complete challenges within 5 matches.
    *If you don't play all your matches before the event ends, you'll automatically fail the current challenge and you won't receive any event rewards.
    *Spot Sponsor offers will now come after Match 1, Match 7 and Match 13.
    *The event reward can only be received if the contract for the mission has expired. This applies even if you've completed the mission at the time of the event's conclusion.

  • Upcoming Event: Managers Cup 61

    The entry period of Managers Cup 61 has started!

    The "New Season Class" for the 61st Managers Cup will not be available due to a rule change for Classes that will be applied in the v3.3.0 update. As an exception, the Manager Champions Cup berth will be added as part of the "Additional Rewards by Class" for the Free Class.

    Registration closes in: Duration: 27/3 - 17/4 5:00 (GMT)

    Earn the required amount of Managers Score through season matches in order to qualify for this tournament.
    Your team needs to be at least in the Amateur Division in order to participate, so hurry for promotion if you haven't reached there yet!

    *The Manager Champions Cup will be held once Managers Cup #61 ends.


    Here are some of the events scheduled for April.
    Train your players before they start!

    *Event details may be subject to change without prior notice.



    A special Easter edition of the season goal scoring event, "GOAL FOR HIGHSTAR" will be coming up to offer you various item & player rewards!
    In this edition, you'll be able to embark on several special missions in the event after you build the "E-STAR Egg" in "My Hometown" which will be given to you at the beginning of the event.
    The facility will level up as you clear missions and award you Scout Contacts!
    Get ready to rack up those goals!

    ・Special Sponsor CEO VERSUS

    A generous CEO will come to offer you a special sponsorship.
    The rewards you'll receive according to your match and season performance will vary depending on which CEO you choose.
    In this event, CEOs Lee Daepyo and Simon Sho will be wearing special outfits. We hope you enjoy the event!

    ・Buzz World Tour

    A ranked event open to managers around the globe to see who can amass the most Followers on the "PES CHANNEL"!
    Top ranking competitors will win some amazing rewards, so be sure to get in on the action!

    ・Manager Champions Cup

    The pinnacle of all tournaments in PES CLUB MANAGER, which decides the true champion among the managers who left a good result in their previous Managers Cup.
    This time the tournament will be held after the Managers Cup 61!
    Make sure to train your team well before the Managers Cup 61 starts!


    In this event, you'll be competing with an All-Star team consisting of the 18 players that you selected.
    When the event concludes, 1 player from your All-Star squad will be awarded. If you win all event matches, the reward player will be 7★!
    The event can be enjoyed by those seeking fair competition based on pure tactical skills, since all the opponents will be creating their squad based on the same conditions!
    The upcoming theme will be the 2nd time on "National Teams"!
    The candidate roster of the national team players will be different from the previous edition!
    *The list of featured National Teams will be posted in the event's detail screen once the event is released.

    ・Partners Cup

    The Partners Cup is a tournament that features one of our partner clubs.
    The top finishers will be able to receive Partner Stars from the team!
    Stay tuned to find out which Partner Club will be chosen!

    We hope you will continue to enjoy PES CLUB MANAGER.

  • Upcoming Event: Manager Champions Cup

    The Manager Champions Cup will be held once Managers Cup #61 ends.

    Period:27/4 - 6/5

    The Manager Champions Cup is a special tournament exclusively for users who have earned a berth. You can take charge of your team while the match is being played live by changing tactics, adjusting your Attack/Defence Level or making substitutions.

    In Round 1, teams are divided into 128 blocks of 128 teams each, with the winner of each block progressing to the Final Round.

    In the Final Round, the ultimate champion of all 128 Round 1 winners will be decided.

    Berths are awarded to users who enter the Managers Cup in the New Season Class and achieve a high final ranking, starting with the highest-ranking users first.
    *Managers Score will be used to separate users with the same final results.

    You can view and edit your team on the Match Fixture Info screen via the Manager Champions Cup top page.

  • ALL-STAR SERIES Underway!

    ALL-STAR SERIES is underway!

    A serious competition using the All-Star Team you create from a pool of candidates!
    The overall team rate of all teams would be almost the same, so your tactical choices and directions would be making the difference.
    In addition, you would receive 1 player chosen randomly from the All-Star Team lineup you selected!

    The Player Candidates are assembled from the National Teams.

    Entry Period
    Duration: 19/3 - 3/4 5:00 (GMT)

    Competition Period
    Duration: 23/3 - 10/4 5:00 (GMT)

  • Energy Scout Underway!

    Free one-time scout!
    Log in and play matches to earn Energy Points and level up your Energy Scout! The more you level up, the better the scout content will become.

    Keep racking up those matches and you could land a new star player!

    Please see below to find out how to level up.
    Duration: 19/3 - 14/4 5:00 (GMT)

  • Scout PT Campaign Underway!

    Duration: 6/3 - 6/4 5:00 (GMT)

    You'll be able to earn "Scout PT" by using "Scout Players" while the Scout PT Campaign is underway.
    Rewards will be awarded each time the total number of Scout PTs you've earned reached a predetermined certain amount.
    Amazing rewards including Genius Player Contact and Special Coach are available! Please see the following details.

    Changes from Last Time
     ・A number of rewards have been changed.

  • J.LEAGUE Scout Underway!

    To all J LEAGUE fans! A scout that features J.LEAGUE players will be available!

    J.LEAGUE Scout will become a permanent feature available through Contract > Player Management starting from 15/11.
    You can acquire 1 player from a J.LEAGUE team of your choice. The first scout of each day will be discounted.

    *The initial discount of this scout will reset everyday at 5:00 (GMT).

    ■Team List

    The featured teams and players may change in future updates.
    Please make sure to check the Scout Information of each scout before using it.

  • J.LEAGUE Added

    PES CLUB MANAGER is now joined by J.LEAGUE!

    You are now able to select emblems and strips from each of the J.LEAGUE clubs!
    To change these settings, access User Details from the top of the Top Menu screen, then go to Registered Info > Choose the League > SA/Other.A special scout which specially finds J.LEAGUE players are also now available!

    Go to "Contract > J.LEAGUE Scout" to scout J.LEAGUE players now!

    *J.LEAGUE players will only be featured under limited types of scouts. Please make sure to check the "Scout Information" of each scout for details.

    Thank you for your continued support of PES CLUB MANAGER

  • IMPORTANT: Notice Regarding the Planned Changes for PES Coin Purchase Content(30/9 Notice)

    (30/9 Notice)
    Item “30 PES Coins" has been added to the news post regarding the price revisions for shop items which was announced last week.
    We'd like to also apologize for the sudden addition before the revision.
    Thank you and we hope you'll continue to enjoy PES CLUB MANAGER.

    Thank you for playing PES CLUB MANAGER.
    On 23/9, Apple announced some changes coming to prices on the App Store.
    As a result, we have decided to revise statements made regarding price changes that we announced on 17/09 and 01/10.

    As a result, prices in PES CLUB MANAGER will also be undergoing some changes.

    Current Price
    30 PES Coins (Paid Coins = 30 / Free Bonus Coins = 0): 360\ (30/9 Notice)
    65 PES Coins (Paid Coins = 60 / Free Bonus Coins = 5): 720\
    110 PES Coins (Paid Coins = 100 / Free Bonus Coins = 10): 1200\
    230 PES Coins (Paid Coins = 200 / Free Bonus Coins = 30): 2400\
    350 PES Coins (Paid Coins = 300 / Free Bonus Coins = 50): 3600\
    475 PES Coins (Paid Coins = 400 / Free Bonus Coins = 75): 4800\
    600 PES Coins (Paid Coins = 500 / Free Bonus Coins = 100): 6000\
    1260 PES Coins (Paid Coins = 1000 / Free Bonus Coins = 260): 11800\

    Delivery Pack Lite(Paid Coins =60 / Bonus Coins =5 / Delivery Pack = Delivers 13 batches of 3 Free PES Coins): 720\

    Delivery Pack Standard(Paid Coins =200 / Bonus Coins =30 / Delivery Pack = Delivers 24 batches of 5 Free PES Coins): 2400\

    Revised Price: (Date of Revision to be Determined by Apple)
    30 PES Coins (Paid Coins = 30 / Free Bonus Coins = 0): 370\ (30/9 Notice)
    65 PES Coins (Paid Coins = 60 / Free Bonus Coins = 5): 730\
    110 PES Coins (Paid Coins = 100 / Free Bonus Coins = 10): 1220\
    230 PES Coins (Paid Coins = 200 / Free Bonus Coins = 30): 2440\
    350 PES Coins (Paid Coins = 300 / Free Bonus Coins = 50): 3680\
    475 PES Coins (Paid Coins = 400 / Free Bonus Coins = 75): 4900\
    600 PES Coins (Paid Coins = 500 / Free Bonus Coins = 100): 6100\
    1260 PES Coins (Paid Coins = 1000 / Free Bonus Coins = 260): 12000\

    Delivery Pack Lite(Paid Coins =60 / Bonus Coins =5 / Delivery Pack = Delivers 13 batches of 3 Free PES Coins): 730\

    Delivery Pack Standard(Paid Coins =200 / Bonus Coins =30 / Delivery Pack = Delivers 24 batches of 5 Free PES Coins): 2440\

    *The item content (Total amount, divided amount for paid/free bonus all included) will not change after the price revision.
    *The prices for all Item Packs will also be revised.
    *Due to this change we will be withdrawing the termination of Delivery Packs scheduled for 27/9.

    (Tax included for all prices)

    We would like to stress that the date of revision to be released by Apple will not be notified in advance to the development team of PES CLUB MANAGER. Due to this circumstance, we would like to ask for your understanding that PES CLUB MANAGER will not be able to provide a precise date of revision, and the revised price may not be applied to the game immediately after Apple officially delivers the revision.
    Please make sure to check the price displayed on the purchase confirmation window right before completing any purchases.

    ■To all Guardians and Customers Under Age 18
    In PES CLUB MANAGER, a monthly purchase limit exists for all customers under age 18 based on a trusted standard.
    Please be aware that the amount set for the purchase limit is currently being calculated based on Apple's pre-revision prices, and due to this, there may be a brief window of time in which users are able to exceed set limits.

    We hope all managers will continue to enjoy PES CLUB MANAGER.

  • Important Announcement Regarding iOS 13 Compliance

    Currently, the adaptations to make PES CLUB MANAGER compatible for "iOS 13" is still under development.
    Please note that in the meantime, PES CLUB MANAGER may not function properly if you update your playing device to "iOS 13".
    Further announcements will be made once the development and testing of the compatibility on major devices is completed.

    We would also like to remind that the application may not function properly even on devices that satisfy the conditions listed under "Compatibility" on the official website.
    This could happen due to external issues, such as the spec of the smartphone, installed applications, OS incompatibilities, etc.
    We ask you to consider the risks mentioned above before updating your device to "iOS 13".

  • Advice for Customers that are Switching Devices

    In order to prevent account migration issues, we'd like to ask all customers who'll be switching devices to migrate their account by "Setting" > "Data Migration Setting" > "Issue Data Migration Code" or link their account to "Facebook" or "Game Center" by the following steps.
    Migration in between different OS would be possible by using the Migration Code or linking the account to your own Facebook account.

    [Steps to Migrate Data when Switching Devices (via Migration Code)]

    1. Top Menu > Setting > Data Migration Setting > Take note of "Your ID" and "Migration Code"

    2. Install "PES CLUB MANAGER" to the device you're trying to switch to.

    3. Title Screen's Data Migration > Transfer Data Using Code > and then enter "Your ID" and "Migration Code" that you noted down.

    [Steps to Migrate Data when Switching Devices (via Facebook, Game Center)

    1. Top Menu > Setting > Data Migration Setting > login to Facebook or Game Center to link your game account.
    Once the link is completed, it would be displayed as Facebook Settings in Progress or Game Center Settings in Progress.

    2. Install "PES CLUB MANAGER" to the device you're trying to switch to.

    3. Title Screen's Data Migration > Login to either Facebook or Game Center account in which you had set in order to migrate the account.

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    Look out for new updates and game tips from PES CLUB MANAGER's official Twitter account!

    PES CLUB MANAGER's official Twitter Link↓
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About the game

A major update including 2019-20 season player rosters and the improved match AI has been implemented!
PES CLUB MANAGER is a unique entry in the Pro Evolution Soccer series that will test your tactical nous and your managerial skill like no other football game available. Join over 30 million managers around the globe and see if you've got what it takes to lead your club to glory.

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*Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

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Please contact us from an inquiry form in game in order to provide a prompt response.

Please note that customer support is available in English only.
Thank you very much for playing PES CLUB MANAGER.

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IMPORTANT: Changes to the Compatible Devices by the Engine Update
The list of compatible devices will be changed to the following once the update concludes in 18/9:
iOS 9或更新
iOS 9 or later
iPhone 5S or later, iPad Pro, iPad Air or later, iPad mini 2 or later, iPod Touch (6th generation or later)
Android OS v.5.0 or later

Customer support will not to be assisting in cases where the application doesn't run properly on an incompatible device.
Please consider changing your device or upgrading it's operating system if you encounter this issue.

*See below for details on Privacy Policy.

*Please DO NOT FORGET to take note of the required information located at "Data Migration" under the "Setting" menu before you change your device.

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