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  • Maintenance Notice

    PES CLUB MANAGER will undergo maintenance between the following times.
    21/ 02 05:00 - 05:30 (GMT)

    [Update Contents]
    ・Scouting Updated

  • National Team Stars Underway!

    Limited-time scouting chance for national team stars (South America, Africa) !
    The first attempt of Scout x5 will guarantee 1 player that is 6★ or above! The initial cost of Scout x10 only requires 200 PES Coins! 1 player will be guaranteed 7★ on the 3rd attempt!
    The scouting rate for 7★ players and legends will be boosted in this edition!
    Also, only players age 22 or younger will be scouted!

    ■List of Legendary Players

    7★ legend players will always have their own unique Special Trait which is very powerful!

    ■Available National Teams (South America + Africa)

    Whenever you find players with Special Trait, it will be guaranteed as "National Bonds"!

    * Legend players cannot be found from any kind of contacts.
    *Special Trait (Official Club Team) will not activate for legend players.
    * Only the players from the National Teams released in "Pro Evolution Soccer 2018" will be found.
    *The abilities of the national team players and the identical players from club teams will be slightly different.
    * Legend players may be available in other future scouts scheduled ahead of this current campaign.
    * National team players may be available in other future scouts scheduled ahead of this current campaign.

    Duration: 19/2 - 23/2 5:00 (GMT)

  • Current Event: UCL Team Challenge

    During the event period, you will randomly receive an invitation letter from a UCL team as you progress in the regular season. If you win against that team, you will receive a player randomly from that team. Try your best to defeat a giant club for a superstar reward!

    ■List of Teams Available

     AS ROMA
     FC BASEL 1893

    Duration: 19/2 - 26/2 05:00 (GMT)

  • Association Clash is underway!

    Association Event in Progress!
    Every "BANNERs" earned by each association members decides the winner!
    *An exclusive team data will be registered for this event.

    Duration: 19/2 - 26/2 05:00 (GMT)

  • Manager Champions Cup Underway!

    Period:19/2 - 25/2

    The Manager Champions Cup is a special tournament exclusively for users who have earned a berth. You can take charge of your team while the match is being played live by changing tactics, adjusting your Attack/Defence Level or making substitutions.

    In Round 1, teams are divided into 128 blocks of 128 teams each, with the winner of each block progressing to the Final Round.

    In the Final Round, the ultimate champion of all 128 Round 1 winners will be decided.

    Berths are awarded to users who enter the Managers Cup in the New Season Class and achieve a high final ranking, starting with the highest-ranking users first.
    *Managers Score will be used to separate users with the same final results.

  • Lunar New Year Scout Underway!

    To celebrate the Lunar New Year, a 8rounded Lunar New Year Scout will be underway!
    Bonus items will be packed together for each round in this special edition!
    In this scout, 1 round will be counted each time you scout and the scout content will change each round.
    Get scout discounts during rounds 1, 4 and 5!
    Age 18-22 guaranteed for Round 6 & 7! In Round 7, one 7★ player will be guaranteed and you'll have an option to redo the scout for 1 time!
    Round 8 will allow you to choose one player out of 3 players that have a Development Type of Genius!

    Duration: 16/2 - 23/2 5:00 (GMT)

  • Campaign Scout Underway!

    You can scout a player who is 5★ or above 1 time per day.
    *The limited numbers of scouting opportunities will reset daily at 15 PM (GMT).

    Duration: 16/2 - 23/2 5:00 (GMT)

  • Lunar New Year Campaign

    Thank you for playing PES CLUB MANAGER.
    Various campaigns will be held to celebrate the lunar new year, which falls on 16/2 this year!
    Please see the following details.

    ★Login Bonus

    A special login campaign including "Building Permit" as a reward is underway!
    Log in to the game during the campaign period to receive your grand rewards.

    Duration: 16/2 - 26/2 00:00 (GMT)

    ★Exclusive "Facility" Gift

    Log in during the event to get a free Dragon Plaza!

    Duration: 16/2 - 26/2 05:00 (GMT)

    ★Coins & Boosters from My Hometown

    Coins and Boosters will rarely appear in My Hometown facilities for a limited time.
    Don't forget to check out the town once in a while.

    Duration: 16/2 - 26/2 05:00 (GMT)

    ★Match Bonus Campaign

    The GP reward meter will boost up by x2 for a limited time! Now's a chance to earn many GP to train your key players!

    Duration: 16/2 - 26/2 05:00 (GMT)

    ★Trade Scout

    During the campaign, 7★ trade scout will be available for 1 time each day.

    Duration: 19/2 - 23/2 05:00 (GMT)

    ★Special Trait Lv UP Boost Campaign

    Chances for an "Excellent!" when training Trait Exp are higher during events.
    Don't miss the chance to strengthen your team!

    Duration: 19/2 - 26/2 05:00 (GMT)

  • Lunar New Year Campaign:Special Offer

    Lunar New Year Campaign!
    Now's a chance to purchase the coins at a bargain price!

    *Only 1 purchase available for each user.

    Duration: 16/2 - 26/2 05:00 (GMT)

  • Upcoming Event: Survival League

    Survival League coming soon!

    This is your chance to earn the unique trait "Climax Hero" or a Legendary Player!

    Survival League is divided up into 5 levels. You begin the league at level 1, and winning at level 1 takes you to the next level. If you complete a level, you cannot replay it during the same season. Beat all 5 levels to complete the league!

    ★How to Take Part
    Begin a season in the Top Player Division or higher while the event is ongoing to qualify for entry to the Survival League.

    ★Opening Period
    Duration: 26/2 - 19/3 05:00 (GMT)
    If you miss the window to enter the Survival League, you won't be able to enter it at all.

    ★Event Period
    Duration: 26/2 - 26/3 05:00 (GMT)
    Make sure to complete the season before the event ends. All remaining matches will be cancelled if you don't.

  • Upcoming Event: Managers Cup 35

    The entry period for Managers Cup 35 has started!

    Entry Period: 09/02 6:30 - 05/03 5:00 (GMT)

    Earn the required amount of Managers Score through season matches in order to qualify for this tournament.
    Your team needs to be at least in the Amateur Division in order to participate, so hurry for promotion if you haven't reached there yet!

  • Advice for Customers that are Switching Devices

    In order to prevent account migration issues, we'd like to ask all customers who'll be switching devices to migrate their account by "Setting" > "Data Migration Setting" > "Issue Data Migration Code" or link their account to "Facebook" or "Game Center" by the following steps.
    Migration in between different OS would be possible by using the Migration Code or linking the account to your own Facebook account.

    [Steps to Migrate Data when Switching Devices (via Migration Code)]

    1. Top Menu > Setting > Data Migration Setting > Take note of "Your ID" and "Migration Code"

    2. Install "PES CLUB MANAGER" to the device you're trying to switch to.

    3. Title Screen's Data Migration > Transfer Data Using Code > and then enter "Your ID" and "Migration Code" that you noted down.

    [Steps to Migrate Data when Switching Devices (via Facebook, Game Center)

    1. Top Menu > Setting > Data Migration Setting > login to Facebook or Game Center to link your game account.
    Once the link is completed, it would be displayed as Facebook Settings in Progress or Game Center Settings in Progress.

    2. Install "PES CLUB MANAGER" to the device you're trying to switch to.

    3. Title Screen's Data Migration > Login to either Facebook or Game Center account in which you had set in order to migrate the account.

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About the game

The Football Simulation Game of the Pro Evolution Soccer series with a total of 26 million downloads from all over the globe.
A grand update including the 2017/18 roster included.
New elements such as My Hometown area expansions with new additions of facilities, online live match mode against the members in the same Association, and "Limit Break" feature which extends the players' potentail maximum abilities have been added in the new version.
The Football Simulation game which meets the world's standard will continue to evolve.
Test your football management skills in various aspects including as a coach, scout, and a general mangaer against the rivals around the world!

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Please note that customer support is available in English only.
Thank you very much for playing PES CLUB MANAGER.

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iOS8 or later
*Game progression will not be guaranteed for other OS.

Compatible Devices:
iPhone 5 or later, iPad mini 2 or later, iPad(4th generation) or later, iPod touch(6th generation) or later
*Device not listed above will not insured.
Requires Android OS version 4.2.0 or later
Device will be required to have a Intel Atom CPU, or Dual-core with Clock Speed of more than 1.7GHz, or Quad-core or later with Clock Speed of more than 1.3GHz

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