eFootball PES 2021 will be updated to eFootball™ 2022!

eFootball™ 2022 will be available as an update to eFootball PES 2021 for mobile and will usher in a new generation of soccer gaming, with enhancements to everything from the game engine to the way you experience the game.

(Updated 05/19/2022) We intend to release the update to eFootball™ 2022 on 06/02/2022.

Introducing eFootball™

It all began with the implacable determination to create a revolutionary soccer platform.
Our ambition was to recreate the perfect soccer experience, from the grass on the field, to the players' movement, all the way to the crowds in the stadium. To this end, we decided to create a new soccer engine, with a revamped animation system and improved game commands.
We went back to the drawing board for the entire gameplay experience, adding new levels of excitement everywhere, including how player signings and development work.
Get ready for a revolutionary soccer gaming experience with eFootball™!

Update Overview

How to Update from eFootball PES 2021 to eFootball™ 2022
We want to make sure our fans who have enjoyed eFootball PES 2021 for mobile over the last few years will continue enjoying the perfect soccer experience with eFootball™ 2022. With that in mind, we will be releasing it as an app update rather than a new installation, as in previous years.
Update Schedule
(Updated 05/19/2022)
We intend to release the update to eFootball™ 2022 on 06/02/2022.
Asset Carryover

You will be able to begin your eFootball™ 2022 experience by carrying over a portion of your in-game assets from eFootball PES 2021.
However, note that some assets cannot be carried over, since the game will undergo significant changes.
Click here for more information regarding carryover.

Changes to System Requirements
With the updates to the game, the minimum system requirements will change, and some devices will no longer be supported. For devices that are no longer supported, play will not be possible after updating to eFootball™ 2022. Additionally, performance will vary among supported devices. Some users may need to upgrade their devices to continue playing.
If you choose to take this opportunity to upgrade your device, please make sure to link your data within eFootball PES 2021. This will ensure you will be able to carry your assets over to eFootball™ 2022.

The minimum requirements for your device to play the game are described below.

Minimum Requirements

  • Android:
    Android OS: Version 7.0 or above
    Memory: 2 GB or above RAM
    CPU: Arm-based quad core (1.5 GHz) or above
  • iOS:
    The devices compatible with iOS13
    iPhone 6s or later
    iPad Pro (9.7-inch) or above
    iPad(5th generation) or above
    iPad Air 2 or above
    iPad mini 4 or above
    iPod touch (7th generation)

*Note that your individual device may not run the game smoothly, even if it fulfils the minimum requirements.

Main Changes for eFootball™ 2022
These changes reflect our pursuit of improved competitiveness as we aim to become one of the world's greatest eSports platforms.
One Shared, Competitive World for Console and Mobile
eFootball™ 2022 launches with a new soccer engine designed to focus on one-on-one battles for control of the ball. Since we are using the same engine for both console and mobile, you can take to the field using your favorite device. What's more, future updates will add controller support for mobile, which means mobile users can go head-to-head with console users in online matches. Whatever device you choose, you can take on eFootball™ fans from around the world.
  • *Available functions may vary by device.
  • *Account carryover is limited to iOS and Android device users only. Transfer from mobile to console and vice versa are not possible.
Player Contracts
Players in eFootball™ 2022 will have a set duration for their contracts. This duration continues until roughly 365 days after the player was signed. Players whose contracts have expired will not be removed. However, you will not be able to develop them any further, and they will not be able to participate in certain types of matches. Players with contracts that have expired can gain an extension using a "Contract Renewal (60 Days)" item. This will extend the duration of the contract for 60 days, counting from the day the item was used.
Match Types
The four match types are Tour Event, Challenge Event, Online Quick Match, and Online Match Lobby.
Players whose contract has not expired can be used in any of these match types. (However, some matches may limit participation to players that meet certain conditions.)
If a player's contract has expired, he can still be used in Online Quick Match and Online Match Lobby.

*Match types will be added individually when they are ready.

Player Types
There are four player types: Standard, Trending, Featured, and Legendary.
The way you sign players varies by type. For example, GP can only be used to sign Standard players, but eFootball™ 2022 will allow you to choose specific players to sign to your team. Naturally, the amount of GP needed varies by player.
Player Development
Trending players have their stats based on the high-level performance they had during a given time period. This means they are ready to be used at their peak performance from the moment you sign them. The caveat, however, is that they can't be trained further, which means you won't be able to customize them.
Standard, Featured, and Legendary players can be customized according to your personal tastes and needs. These players start out with modest stats compared to Trending players, but they have room to grow through stats boost and added skills. If you take the time to train these players well, they may end up contributing more to your wins than even your strongest Trending player!

*Ways to customize players will be added over time.


Question: When will the players that are included in eFootball PES 2021 but not in eFootball™ 2022 at launch be announced?
Answer: An announcement will be made on this website, so keep an eye out for updates. Note that any player that falls under this category will no longer be obtainable in eFootball PES 2021 from the date of the announcement.
Question: How can I check whether eFootball™ 2022 will run on my current device?
Answer: You will need to confirm the performance on your device after updating. As the application may not launch on some devices, make sure to link your data in eFootball PES 2021 in advance. This will allow you to use the Data Transfer functionality and continue playing on other devices.
*You can check your current data link status in the app by going to [Extras] > [Support] > [Link Data].
Question: Will unclaimed Inbox items still be claimable once the update goes live?
Answer: No, they will not. Please claim all Inbox items before updating the app.
Question: I have a lot of items in my Inbox that I cannot claim due to already having the maximum amount of that item. Is there a way for me to carry them over?
Answer: Unfortunately, no. Nothing that is left inside the Inbox will be carried over to eFootball™ 2022, so make sure to claim as many items as possible before the update. Note that you may need to consume some of the items you are currently holding in order to claim more of that item from the Inbox.
Question: What happens if I bid on an Auction but don't check the result before the update goes live?
Answer: Regardless of the outcome of the auction, the GP that you bid will be spent. Any Scouts not claimed from your Inbox will not carry over, so make sure to claim them before updating.
Question: Will I be able to play with friends using other platforms?
Answer: When eFootball™ 2022 launches, users will not be able to play matches against friends, but this functionality will become available in a future update. Cross-play between mobile devices and consoles will also be added in a future update.
Question: Will eFootball™ 2022 have the functionality to trade 3 copies of the same player card for another player card of the same rarity?
Answer: No.
Question: Can I carry over my data from eFootball PES 2021 for mobile to the console version of eFootball™ 2022?
Answer: No. Your data from eFootball PES 2021 for mobile can only be carried over to the mobile version of eFootball™ 2022.

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