eFootball PES 2020

PES2020 DP5 PV

Data Pack 5.0 is now available for download, bringing with it the new 'Iconic Moment Series' of players, new player faces, uniform updates, and more!
See the following for a detailed breakdown of everything included.

▼ Celebrate the best moments in soccer with the 'Iconic Moment Series'
Relive and recreate memorable moments from the careers of current and former soccer superstars with the new 'Iconic Moment Series'.
Players in this series come with boosted stats that reflect their performance during a standout match in their career. Their cards even feature unique designs based on photos taken during that same match.
In addition, these players come with a unique feature that allows you to boost their stats even further by matching their affiliated team to your own in myClub.
▼ Iconic Moment Series: Initial Lineup
  • ÉLBER (17.05.2003)
    O. KAHN(09.11.2002)
    K. RUMMENIGGE(13.06.1981)
    XAVI (27.05.2009)
    D. MARADONA (04.06.1983)
    S. NAKAMURA (21.11.2006)
    PUYOL (17.05.2006)
    F. RIJKAARD (24.05.1989)
    M. VAN BASTEN (24.05.1989)
    MORIENTES (10.02.2002)
    CASILLAS (25.08.2007)
    XABI ALONSO (25.05.2005)
    D. FORLÁN (01.03.2009)
    FERNANDO TORRES (05.02.2006)

*New Iconic Moment Series players will be periodically released moving forward. Keep an eye on the in-game announcements to find out more!
*(The date listed after each name is the date of the match each player is based on)

*Player versions/match dates are subject to change.
▼ Player Face Updates
New face data for over 30 players. (Mainly from European clubs)
▼ Uniforms
Celebrate over a century of FC Bayern München with their official 120th anniversary uniform!