eFootball PES 2020
A new Update File (Data Pack 4.00 & Patch 1.04.00) was released on 13/02/2020.
See below for details.

■ Updates and Additions
・New season data for Campeonato Brasileiro (Brazil) implemented. Includes league promotions and relegations.
・New season data for TOYOTA Thai League implemented. Includes league promotions and relegations.
・New/updated Strips
・New/updated media backdrops
・New/updated face models
・New/updated player portraits
・New Manager portraits
・New boot models
・New ball designs
・New Goal Celebrations

■ Other Changes
・Default Condition Rating for Legend players set to 'B'.
・Added the option to select strips from squads that you have purchased in myClub.

・Those who compete in Grand Finals will now receive a 'Representative Reward' in addition to the 'Grand Final Reward'.

■ Fixes
・An issue that prevented you from selecting certain leagues in Random Selection Matches when filtering players by league.
・An issue that caused player models to disappear from the pre-match menu when using a strips created by importing image data through Edit mode.
・An issue that causes the Weekly Point screen to appear after certain Matchday Grand Finals. Ordinarily, Weekly Point totals should not change after Grand Finals.
・An issue where the incorrect team is displayed for Featured Players in certain locations. Currently, the Team Emblem displayed on each Featured Player's player card is indicative of their actual team.

■ Gameplay Adjustments
・An issue that causes CBs with the 'Build Up' Playing Style to fall back to the friendly penalty box when your team is in possession of the ball.
・An issue which sometimes causes passes kicked with a full power gauge to fall short of their target when using Manual Controls.
・An issue that results in commands being issued to the wrong player during penalty shoot-outs in Team Play Lobby matches.
・An issue that sometimes causes players assigned to different positions in the COM's squad formation to overlap.

■ Other Updates
A variety of minor adjustments have been made to each mode to improve the overall gaming experience.