PES 2019



The biggest changes to myClub in years. Obtain strong players, play CO-OP or go up against your rivals and compete in PES LEAGUE.


Players who have performed well during weekend matches will appear in the game as “FEATURED PLAYERS.”
Their Overall Rating will be enhanced depending on their performance, and they may acquire new Skills as well.
Additionally, partner club players will be given a special Overall Rating through this feature approved by the club itself.
These player's portraits will be displayed in-game with exclusive FEATURED PLAYERS designs.
Take advantage of players having a good weekend and strengthen your myClub squad with a "FEATURED PLAYER."

<About Featured Players>

【myClub Legends】

Legend Players like Beckham, Maradona, Cruyff, Nedvěd, Gullit, Maldini and Kahn will appear in PES 2019. New Legends will also be introduced later.

myClub Legend List

Value improvements for player purchases with myClub Coins

The cost to sign one player will now be 100 myClub Coins.
Additionally, there will be Agents that can sign 3 Players for 250 myClub Coins.
Naturally, if you're running short on myClub coins, there will also be plenty of Agents who can be used with GP, too.
Never has it been easier to build your ideal myClub squad!

Introduction of duplicate players and Trade system

You will now be able to sign duplicate players. Additionally, if you have 3 duplicates you will be able to trade them for a single Player of the same rarity.
Improve your myClub team by making more specific trades to sign the best stars or members of your favourite club! All players acquired through trading will be at Lv. 1.

Maximum Player Slots increased

The maximum number of players acquired via Agents and Scouts that you can possess at any one time has now been raised to 1,000, therefore, it will no longer be necessary to expand slots.
Try various different player combinations and strategies by building multiple different squads. Train them up and test them out in limited events in the WHAT'S ON page.

Skill Trainers

Assign a Skill Trainer to a player to teach him a new Player Skill. Expand each player's repertoire of skills to increase his value to the team.

Position Trainers

Assign a Position Trainer to a player and boost his suitability to a specific position.
The more players in your team that can play different positions, the more options you have to help you win!

Flexibility in acquiring managers

Manager lists will update more often, giving you a better chance of acquiring the manager with the formation and strategy settings you have been looking for.

Stay up-to-date with WHAT'S ON

Compete in online tournaments that are held for a limited period of time and acquire special bonuses.

Compete and earn Acclaim

Acclaim is a new system that represents your skill level in 1 v 1 matches against other users in myClub. Each user has an Acclaim level which can be improved by racking up wins, with winners of tournaments awarded special Acclaim titles.

Weekly PES LEAGUE rankings

New to PES 2019, every week users of similar skill level are matched up against each other in ranked Weekly PES League matches. You'll earn Weekly Points after each match and compete for ranking based on your total points. The Weekly PES League rankings are reset every week, but your overall ranking will decide which division you play in.
Also, your final group ranking will determine how much GP you earn, and you can only enter the Weekly PES League after you have completed your rookie period.

*Playing ranked matches improves your Acclaim and earns you a spot in the Weekly PES League.

Compare Squads with your rivals

You will now be able to see the squad of each user from the rankings screen.
Analysing the squads of rivals who have bested you or top ranking users will surely be a valuable tool in your strategic arsenal.