Update Volume 2 (Data Pack 2.0) will be released on November 16th!

The Data Pack 2.0 update will include new stadiums and new licensed national teams, and more!
Our official partner Arsenal's home stadium, Emirates Stadium, and also Chilian powerhouse Club Universidad de Chile's stadium, Estadio Nacional de Chile, have been newly implemented.
Additionally, the licensed Colombian national team has been added. Fans will be able to enjoy their emblem and uniform realized within the game.
The model for Ambassador player, Coutinho, has been renewed. Using 3D photo-scanning, not only will his face, but also his body outline will become more realistic within the game.

AC Milan's gaurdigna angel, Donnarumma, and the new face, André Silva, and over 40 more player faces has been rescanned. New model spikes, and also large amounts of player photos used for formation building have been added as well, providing a more authentic game experience.

▼New Stadiums Added

The Data Pack 2.0 update will include new stadiums and new licensed national teams, and more!
Emirates Stadium (Arsenal)
Estadio Nacional de Chile (Club Universidad de Chile)

*Supports only PS4, Xbox, and Steam

▼New License Added

Columbia national team

The new kits will be available in the Data Pack 3.0 update that will be released next year.

▼New Uniforms Updated

Collectivelly, 65 Club's and National team's worth of uniforms updated

▼New Spikes Added

9 types of the latest model of spikes added

▼Player Faces Renewed

Over 40 player faces renewed to photo-realistic faces

▼Player Photos Added

Large amounts of player photos shown when building your formation or checking player stats during matches will be added.

▼Backboard within Master League Added

Official backboards of Arsenal, AC Milan, Corinthians, Flamengo, Palmeiras for the Master League presentation will be added.

We strive to provide our fans with the best possible football experience while also trying to respect the licensing process between all our partners and their respective players.
Sometimes as a result of limitations due to license and image rights, we're unable to meet this expectation. In this case, a portion of the players from the Brazilian League clubs appeared in the game with tentative names instead of their real names.
We are working hard to resolve this situation and can confirm that a patch to fix this issue will be included in a Data Pack that will be released in February 2018.
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused, and appreciate your patience as we work to address this issue.