Johan Cruyff, the legendary Dutch player and genius behind the philosophy of Total Football, is set to appear in PES/Winning Eleven.

Known all over the world, Cruyff revolutionised soccer thanks to his magnificent playing style, ability to have absolute control over the ball and (as a manager) innovative tactics. After his retirement, Cruyff became the coach of FC Barcelona where he won four league titles, resulting in him leaving behind a successful legacy both on and off the field.

Additionally, his most famous move, the "Cruyff Turn" has appeared as an in-game skill move in PES/Winning Eleven series for years, helping players bamboozle opponents!

Johan Cruyff will be appearing in PES 2018/Winning Eleven very soon!
[Campaign Dates]
PES 2018/Winning Eleven 2018 (PS4/PS3): Coming soon
PES 2018/Winning Eleven 2018 (iOS/Android): Coming soon
PES CLUB MANAGER/Winning Eleven CLUB MANAGER: February 9th to 16th, 2018