• 14.06.2018
    Regarding confirmed issue during online matches on Steam (Fixed)

    We confirmed the issue to be occurring during online matches (battle and Grand Prix) in Super Bomberman R on Steam.
    A frequent error is occurring that causes online matches to end prematurely.
    The production team is currently investigating the cause of the issue and working on a situation.
    We apologize to all players affected by the issue.


    The above issue is fixed.
    We are sorry for the issue this caused.
    We hope you keep enjoying Super Bomberman R.

  • 08.06.2018
    Description change of "SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS"for Steam

    Because the mistake was found in the description change of "SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS : MINIMUM"for Steam,
    we changed the description correctly.
    We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.


    -(Right)DirectX 11 compatible
    -(Wrong)Intel® HD Graphics 3000

    -(Right)Version 11
    -(Wrong)Version 9.0

    -(Right)Intel Core i5 3GHz or faster processor
    -(Wrong)Intel Core i3 2GHz or faster processor

  • 08.06.2018
    Original Voice Actors for Master Chief Bomber and Ratchet & Clank Bomber are revealed! Max will arrive soon!!

    Here are exciting news!
    - The original voice actor for Master Chief, Steve Downes, will helm the voice for the Xbox One exclusive character, Master Chief Bomber.
    -Arnold Tylor and David Kaye will bring to life the beloved duo of Ratchet & Clank Bomber for the PS4 exclusive.
    -Max will be arriving soon (after next update) for Nintendo Switch exclusive.
    Max...the mysterious masked warrior and ruthlessly fight enemies with his iconic electric bombs.

    We hope you keep enjoying Super Bomberman R!

    Max Max
  • 06.12.2017
    Update 2.0.1 Is Now Available

    Thank you for your continued loyalty towards our products and services.
    Update 2.0.1 for Super Bomberman R has been deployed.

    Please refer to the patch notes for further detail on the update.

    We hope you keep enjoying Super Bomberman R!

  • 06.12.2017
    2017년12월6일 업데이트 릴리즈 (ver.2.0.1):

    -온라인 그랑프리에서 대전 상대의 통신 환경에 의해 랙이 걸리는 문제를 일부 완화하였습니다.

    -피라미드 헤드 봄버의 특수능력의 이름이 [저지먼트]으로 변경되었습니다. (능력은 변하지 않습니다.)

    -그 외 작은 버그를 수정하였습니다.

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