• 21.10.2022

    Amazing Bomberman ver 1.1.1 Release Information

    We have distributed ver 1.1.1, which addresses the issue that the game does not start properly, which was occurring for some customers on iOS16.

  • 14.10.2022

    Amazing Bomberman Version 1.1.0 is now available!

    This update adds a new stage, "Midnight Fever," with an 80's J-Disco-inspired theme song!
    Also included are 50 new challenges, and over 50 new customization items!

    Additionally, you can now adjust the size of the slidepad, and the input angles for diagonal controls.
    By adjusting the angles, you can also effectively lock the slidepad to four-directional controls. Try it out!

  • 15.09.2022

    Amazing Bomberman Version 1.0.2 is now available!

    We have released version 1.0.2, which fixes a bug that prevented long matches in online battles and optimizes various types of matching.Please update to the latest version and enjoy online battles.

Fusion of Bomberman and Music?!
A stylish and new Bomberman experience! Fusion of Bomberman and Music?!
A stylish and new Bomberman experience!
Compete for scores on amazing stages that change to the songs! Compete for scores on amazing stages that change to the songs!

  • The stages change to the songs! The stages change to the songs!
    The bomb placement and explosion sounds change with the songs, and the battle time also changes depending on the song. When the song gets exciting, blocks will drop, and items may appear when you break them with bombs.
  • Challenge as many times as you want! Challenge as many times as you want!
    Even if Bomberman is blown away, you can revive him as many times as you want as long as the song is playing. You have a chance to reverse the situation until the last second, so don't give up and enjoy the battle until the song ends!
  • Let's compete for scores with four players! Let's compete for scores with four players!
    This game is a competition to see who gets the highest score during one song. The Bomberman with the spotlight on it during the battle has the highest score and you can get bonus points for blowing it up with bombs.
  • Online battles up to 4 players! Online battles up to 4 players!
    Battle online anytime, anywhere with players from all over the world or with your friends using your room ID.
  • Complete the Missions! Complete the Missions!
    Get rewards for completing missions. Collect customization items and enjoy more this amazing World.



Includes many original new songs! Includes many original new songs!

  • Reaching To The Top

    Rasmus Faber

  • Bomb, Bomb! Blow'em All


  • Bubble Addiction


  • Arouser

    Masahiro "Godspeed" Aoki feat. Bruno Valverde

  • Amazing Bomberman


  • Dance With Me

    Yuki Shibasaki feat. Ai Takekawa


    Mawase! Groove Kaihatsubu

  • Midnight Fever

    micah Akiba



  • Liberabimus

    Hiroaki Ooka feat. Takanori Goto

  • Rasmus Faber

    Swedish-born producer, pianist, songwriter, and DJ, who began his career as a jazz pianist and house DJ before launching his own label, Farplane Records, and releasing "Ever After", a worldwide hit. In Japan, he produced the anime jazz cover album "Platina Jazz - Anime Standards". He is also known for providing music for artists such as Ai Nakajima, Maaya Sakamoto, Maaya Uchida and Tasuku Hatanaka, and for accompanying anime works such as "The Asterisk War: The Academy City on the Water", "Harukana Receive", "Artiswitch" and "Amaim Warrior at the Borderline".

  • YMCK

    An 8-bit music unit formed by 3 members. In addition to their own work, they have been involved in a wide range of activities in Japan and abroad, including songwriting, remixing, video production, DJ performances, game sound production, and the development of 8-bit sound plug-ins for music production software and iPhone apps. On September 30, 2022, they will release their 9th album, "Family Innovation", which will question the chaos of the world.

  • Dizzly

    Space ROCK singer. She was dispatched from "Star Dizz 7" with the mission of "awakening" humanity. She sings and shouts about the absurdity of the earth with her poignant ROCK sound. Her emotional voice purifies the souls of those who hear her.

  • Masahiro "Godspeed" Aoki

    Composer, arranger, guitarist and engineer. He organized and participate as an artist at the G5 Project, G.O.D., which brings together young extremely talented guitarists from all over the world, and the "G5 2013" ranked No. 8 on the Oricon's Album Daily Chart. A graduate of the University of Tokyo's Faculty of Engineering, he is the only Japanese iZotope Artist who is well versed in digital audio, and he was the mixing artist for the charity cover of "The Real Folk Blues" which reached No. 6 on Billboard's worldwide charts, and for MARVEL's first online orchestra concert.


    A DJ, music producer and composer. Characterized by his elaborate beat work, his music traverses club music from sharp tracks to delicate listening. He was in charge of the theme for the Los Angeles Animation Film Festival (LA-AFF).

  • Yuki Shibasaki

    Composer, arranger and guitarist who was born in Chiba Prefecture, currently resides in Tokyo. He takes on any music-related project that comes his way. Although he is a guitarist, he is also well known for his dance tracks, which are mainly programming composed. He loves dance music, guitar pedals, and Shiba Inu's.

  • Ai Takekawa

    In 2009, she made her major label debut with "I WILL" (avex). Her 2nd single "Tooi Michi no Saki de" is the ending theme for the anime "Inuyasha: The Final part". She has also composed music for TV commercials. Currently collaborating with overseas musicians on a series of releases.

  • Mawase! Groove Kaihatsubu

    A three-member self-produced idol group consisting of Kumono Bon, Okuta Yuni and Tamaki Anzu. The group disbanded after a live performance at Shibuya WOMB in December 2020. Since then, Kumono has been active as a designer and video creator, Okota has started a solo idol project focusing on electronic music, and Tamaki is still actively involved as a member of the idol group Chick-flick.

  • Felix Ando

    Raised in Germany and Switzerland, he received his musical education as a violinist in an orchestra at an early age, and has been active as an electronic musician since 2004, Performed under the name AIRI at clubs and festivals in over 20 countries. He is known for his warm soundscapes, thick bass, and smart song structures.

  • micah Akiba

    Singer and lyricist. Represented Japan at the GMWA (Gospel Music Workshop of America) in 200. She has supported many major artists as a musician. Her YouTube channel has over 15,000 subscribers.


    A music unit consisting of TOPHAMHAT-KYO as MC and DYES IWASAKI as TrackMaker. The music unit is based on electro-swing, hip-hop, and dance music, and is characterized by its ever-changing tracks and pop and tricky raps.

  • Takanori Goto

    Guitarist. He started playing trumpet at the age of 10 and guitar at 15. After graduating from music college, he studied under Toshiki Nunokawa and Koichi Yabori. Performance with orchestra at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre for the game music concert “Press Start 2009”. Participation in many Japanese anime, games, and video productions. Also offers online lessons.