Is the gamepad supported?

Yes. Compatible with DUALSHOCK 4/DualSense/Xbox Wireless Controller/MFi Controller. See Apple support for connection instructions.

Is Siri Remote operation supported?

No. It is not supported. Please connect a gamepad when playing on AppleTV.

Cannot operate with Apple TV

Siri Remote operation is not supported. Please connect a gamepad to play.

Cannot play online and friend battles

Please go to OPTION>Other>Online Play Settings to confirm setting regarding online play.

Can I revoke my consent to play online?

You can cancel your consent by going to OPTION > Others > Online Play Settings. After revoking your consent, you will not be able to use the online functions until you give your consent again.

Can the screen brightness be adjust?

You can adjust the brightness of the video during a match from OPTION>Game Settings.

Sound no longer plays while using Apple TV

Please restart the game.

Cannot battle in the selected stage in an online match.

Stages at online battles and friend battles are selected trough a raffle draw from the stages selected by the participants. Not necessary mean that the stage you selected is going to be chousen.

I would like to play the tutorial again.

To play again the tutorial go to OPTION>Tutorial.

How do I battle with a friend?

You can play against a specific friend from "FRIEND BATTLE". The host should select "Create Room" to create a room. After creation, the 7-digit number of "Room ID" will be displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. Players who join the room as guests should enter the 7-digit ID of the host room from "Join Room" and click OK. The match will start when the specified number of people is available.

Cannot start friend battle.

"FRIEND BATTLE" will only be matched when the number of players set by the host has reached the pre-determined number. If the number of players in the room is different from the actual number of players, the match will not start. Please re-create the room with the correct number of players and try matching again.

Cannot enter my friend's room.

If you cannot successfully enter a friend's room, please disband and re-create the room.

Can’t unlock a song.

If you can't unlock a song because you can't win the battle, try adjusting the COM level. The COM difficulty can be adjusted from the COM setting button in the upper right corner of the stage select screen in SINGLE BATTLE mode.

Touch controls too difficult.

Touch controls can be adjusted to your preference from the settings. The dead zone setting allows you to adjust the sensitivity of touch movement, and the size adjustment allows you to adjust the size of the slide pad to match the size of your finger and the size of your device. There is also a diagonal input setting that allows you to set the presence or absence of diagonal input and the sensitivity of this. Please try settings that suit you.