Privacy Policy

Konami Digital Entertainment Limited ("Konami" or "we") recognizes the importance of personal information, as well as information which, while not enabling the identification of a particular individual, can nevertheless be identified by some means as being information connected to a specific anonymous individual (collectively, “Information”). Konami therefore abides by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, other relevant laws and ordinances, and guidelines etc. set down by the competent authorities, and handles such Information in accordance with the following policy.

This Policy will not apply to any services or products for which we have a separate, individual policy for the handling of Information. In such cases, such separate, individual policy will apply.

Collection of Information

Konami collects Information as defined in the Handling of Information using legal and fair means.

Purpose of Use

Konami uses collected Information for the purposes described in the Handling of Information. If Information needs to be used for any purpose other than the stated purposes, Konami will modify the purpose of use in the Handling of Information beforehand.

Provision of Information to outside contractors and third parties

As a rule, we do not provide Information to third parties, except in cases where the owner of the Information has given consent, in cases described in the Handling of Information, in cases where the Information is to be relocated due to an organizational restructuring, in cases Konami is required to disclose the Information by law, or in cases where disclosure is requested by a judicial or administrative body.

Konami shares Information as defined in the Handling of Information for the purposes stated in the Handling of Information with other members of the Konami Group (companies in which KONAMI GROUP CORPORATION has a direct or indirect stake, specifically, those listed in; the same applies hereafter). In such cases, Konami Group companies that receive Information will use and manage the Information in accordance with this Policy.

Konami may sometimes provide Information we collect from you to service providers to whom we contract work to help us achieve the purposes set down in the Handling of Information. Such service providers include third parties offering such services as advertising and publicity and data analysis.

Requests to disclose, correct, delete, and/or cessation of use

If you wish for Konami to disclose, correct, delete, or stop using Information you provided, please make your request in accordance with the procedures described in the Handling of Information and we will address the matter promptly.

Please note, however, that if the owner of the Information in question cannot be identified or if certain other circumstances apply, we may not be able to comply with your request.

Furthermore, if you request that Konami delete or stop using Information needed to provide our services, we may no longer be able to provide you with services.

Management of Information

Your Information is managed with appropriate safeguards by Konami’s responsible internal divisions and service providers. Konami has in place appropriate and reasonable levels of security measures to protect your Information not only against leaks to the outside but also against unauthorized access from the outside.

Changes to Policy

This Policy may be modified. The modified policy will go into effect when it is published on this site.

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