Handling of Information


Konami may collect the following Information relating to you in the following cases. ("Information" here means Information as defined in the Privacy Policy.)

  1. When you apply for an ID in connection with usage of Konami services, or when you participate in campaigns, trade fairs, private showings, or other events held by Konami.
    Your name, address or other residence information, telephone number, email address, date of birth, gender, blood type, country of residence, country of origin, occupation, language of use, credit card number and other payment information, nickname, questions for verifying a password and corresponding responses, and other information needed for issuing various IDs and accepting applications for participation.
  2. When you purchase or use Konami products or services, or when viewing a Konami website.

    (1) Your browsing history as relates to Konami websites, your internet usage environment, including device identification data, IP address, location data, and language selection used to browse the websites, history of product and service selection and purchase, and product and service usage.

    (2) Konami may collect the following information when you purchase and/or use our games or other products and services through your computer, a game device having a communication function, or a cell phone or other device which serves similar functions.

    OS information and model name as related to the above device or handset; identifier; ID assigned by the other companies, including Apple, Google, DeNA, GREE, Sony Computer Entertainment, Microsoft, Nintendo, or any other companies that offer game platforms; game play records, game play results, records of charges assessed; location information obtainable from mobile handsets; information related to viewing of advertisements and publicity, etc.
  3. When you respond to a survey from Konami:

    Items which require responses in survey format, including your name, address or other contact information, and the content of your responses.
  4. When you contact Konami's customer service desk or customer support desk and Konami responds to your request:

    Information Konami requires in order to respond to your request, including your name, address or other contact information, content of the request, content of the response, and other information needed for subsequent continued response.
  5. Konami may also at times collect Information that you have provided to another party, such as by posting to Facebook or other social networking service, and for which you have given your consent for that other party to provide said information to a third party.


Konami uses collected Information for the following:

  1. To save data to allow continued use of games, link between games that run on different media, create rankings that reflect game results, and otherwise provide Konami products and services.
  2. To develop, improve, and refine Konami products and services.
  3. To provide information on Konami products and services.
  4. To send out notices of events planned and held by Konami, such as campaigns, exhibitions, and private viewings, to send prizes and giveaways, to operate other events, to provide advertising, publicity, and marketing tailored to the tastes and interests of the information provider, and to otherwise market Konami products and services.
  5. To accept payments for provision of Konami products and services.
  6. To request opinions and feedback from you on Konami products and services, including through surveys.
  7. To respond to questions and inquiries from you.
  8. To prepare statistical documentation.

Use of cookies and web beacons

Konami may use cookies, web beacons, and other tracking technologies when collecting the Information listed in Section 2 of "Collecting Information" above.

A cookie is a mechanism for saving, on a terminal equipment that accesses a particular website, information designated by the operator of that website (e.g. information identifying the browser used to access the website). Konami tracks how individual browsers access our website and servers, and we adjust website configurations so that the next time you use a particular browser to access the Konami website or server, your experience is more enjoyable and convenient. You can change your browser settings to disable cookies, but please be aware that in such case we may not be able to provide you with an optimal website experience, or some of Konami's other services may not be available to you. Please contact your browser provider for questions about how to change your browser settings.

Web beacons, which are tiny pieces of image data that cause a send request to be made, are used to collect data (including cookie information) designated by a website operator. Konami and some third parties to which Konami contracts advertising, publicity, data analysis, and other services may at times use web beacons to perform these functions, but you can stop the collection of information through web beacons by disabling cookies by changing your browser settings or contacting the relevant service provider and following the specific procedure set down by that service provider. For more information on how to contact service providers, please contact us via URL set forth in contact information below.

Provision to third parties

Konami may provide Information collected from you which do not allow identification of specific individuals, to persons such as amusement facility operators, for use when sending notices of campaigns or other events they are planning or holding, when sending prizes and giveaways, when holding other events, or when providing advertising, publicity, and marketing tailored to the tastes and interests of the information provider.

Contact Information

Please direct any requests for disclosure, correction, deletion or suspension of Information or any other inquiries regarding the Information to https://www.konami.com/games/asia/en/pages/support/.

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