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All content (including but not limited to pictures, illustrations, designs of characters, animations, text, music, programs and data) on this website is protected by copyright laws, treaties and other applicable laws of respective countries.


The following activities are strictly prohibited.

  1. Copying, modifying, editing, uploading, presenting, transmitting, showing, distributing, selling, reverse-engineering, reverse-assembling, reverse-compiling and similar activities to the whole or a part of all the content on this website without Konami's permission.
  2. Causing any disadvantage or damage to Konami or others.
  3. Damaging honor or credit of Konami or others.
  4. Uploading software or programs contaminated with computer viruses, etc.
  5. Disturbing public order.
  6. Criminal acts.
  7. Any other activities violating laws, decrees or ordinances.
  8. Any other activities that Konami deems inappropriate.


Konami pays utmost care to the contents on this website. However Konami does not warrant the contents on this website for their accuracy, reliability, usefulness, suitability for particular purposes, etc.Any information, software, services, etc.on this website are offered in downloaded condition.As Konami shall not be liable for any damage arising out of your use of this website, use of this website shall be entirely your own responsibility.Similarly, Konami shall be neither liable for any halt or defect of this website service, nor for any loss or damage caused by any halt or defect of the service. Konami shall not be liable for any damage arising out your use of the third parties' websites linked to or from this website.


Use of this website and the Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan unless otherwise expressly provided.All controversies relating to use of this website shall be submitted to the Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court as the Court of first instance unless otherwise expressly provided.

  1. You are free to link your website to the Konami website. However, links from the following websites (including Bulletin Boards, blogs, etc. within a websites) are prohibited.
    • (1) Links from websites that carry content which slanders Konami and interferes with Konami's business activities.
    • (2) Links from websites that carry antisocial content (pornographic material, etc.).
    • (3) Links from websites that violate or possibly violate intellectual property rights (includes images, characters, sound files, etc. reproduced without permission or includes content that encourages the illegal copying of software).
    • (4) Links from websites that indicate an association, relationship, or business alliance with Konami.
    • (5) Links from websites that create a misconception that Konami recognizes or endorses the website.
    • (6) Links from websites that appear as if the Konami website is a part of the site through use of frames, etc.
    • (7) Links from websites that carry content Konami deems unacceptable.
    If you wish to create a link to the KONAMI website in relation to (4) above regardless of whether you are an individual, a company, or an organization, please contact us via the Contact Us page . KONAMI will only reply if your request is approved.
  2. Konami is not responsible for the content of third party websites linked to the Konami website, responsibility and control of such content belongs to the individual website. A link to the Konami website does not imply that Konami has any special relationship, such as an association with the site, nor does it imply that Konami supports or approves of the site. Konami shall not be liable for the content of these websites or any damage arising from the use of these sites.
  3. The terms and conditions set down on this page do not license any trademarks, logos, service marks, copyrights, etc. used on the Konami website.
  4. Regardless of the reason, you shall immediately suspend the link and use of the banner if you are not able to or have no intention of abiding by the terms and conditions set down on this page.
  5. Even after approving the link, Konami reserves the right to revoke its consent to the link should the terms set down in condition 1. above be breached or if Konami deems the link inappropriate.


In order to avoid any possible future confusion between proposals from third parties and our own proposals, and unless we have advertised for suggestions and ideas on our website, it is our company policy not to accept any proposals concerning our products and/or services from third parties.

In the event that you submit a proposal, such proposals will be treated with the assumption that you have agreed to the following terms:

  1. Konami has no obligation to maintain confidentiality regarding the proposal.
  2. Konami has no obligation to examine, evaluate or adopt the proposal.
  3. If any Konami Group company announces or releases services or products which are partly or completely the same as or similar to suggestions made or ideas submitted by you to us, Konami and its Group companies shall be under no obligation nor be liable to make any compensation to you.


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