[Update] Premium Objectives Issue
All devices

Posted on 25/08/2022

We have implemented a fix to the Premium Objectives issue in the 25/08/2022 update.

Furthermore, claimable rewards for Premium Objectives "L. Messi", "Neymar Jr" and all Premium Club Packs will no longer be available after 25/08/2022 01:59 (UTC).
As such, we have sent all affected users their claimable rewards to their Inbox during the 25/08/2022 maintenance.

As a token of apology, we have also sent 10,000 GP to all affected users.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Posted on 14/07/2022

Premium Objectives Issue

We have confirmed that certain users are experiencing the following issues regarding Premium Objectives.

・ The game freezes on the Premium Objectives purchase screen, and purchases could not be made

・ The game freezes when attempting to claim Objective Rewards

We are currently investigating the aforementioned issues and will provide more details as soon as they become available.
If you experience these issues in any of the ongoing Premium Objectives, please try restarting the game system.

On another note, although the "Special" and "Value" Premium Objectives have already expired on 14/07/2022 01:59 (UTC), users who had claimable rewards under these Premium Objectives will receive their rewards in their Inbox after the 21/07/2022 maintenance. As a token of apology, we will also send 10,000 GP to all affected users.

Furthermore, users who have claimable rewards under "L.Messi", "Neymar Jr" or any "Premium Club Pack" will also have their claimable rewards and the 10,000 GP compensation sent to their Inbox after the respective Objectives expire.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.