New Update File (v0.9.1) Available (2/2)

A new update file (v0.9.1) is now available.
See below for details.

■ Fixes
・ A facial animation bug may cause player expressions to appear unnatural.
・ When changing the camera from the Pause Menu, the preview glitches for a moment.
・ The referee's long sleeve strip may not appear during a match.
・ Player's graphics may fail to show properly, making their appearance look strange.
・ Visual bugs, such as the ball hovering in the air, may occur during replays after a goal is scored.
・ The replay that can be viewed from the Pause Menu may be too short, making it impossible to check a play that occurred moments before the pause.
・ When changing the camera or the player to focus on during a replay, some players glitch for a moment.
・ Two or more balls may appear to be in play at the same time. One of the triggers for this is to check the replay from the Pause Menu during a match.
・ Some players may be shown gliding on the ground during a replay. This movement is different from the actual motion that occurred during the match.
・ The remaining pause time may not be displayed when pausing an online match.
・ The Pause Menu does not open in the second half of the match.
・ The Match Settings screen takes a long time to load after matchmaking for online matches.
・ It may take a long time to proceed to the next screen when a user disconnects immediately after matchmaking for an online match.
・ The pre-match card may not display when playing an online match.
・ The wrong screen may be shown for a moment when transitioning between menu screens.
・ Instead of the match results list for a specific event, the 20 most recent match results from all events are incorrectly displayed.
・ A connection error message may be displayed when closing the dialogue box that informs of server maintenance being underway.
・ Match commentary may fail to play during a match played immediately after installation, where only certain features are available.
・ Trophies may be awarded even when the conditions to receive them have not been met.

■ Improvements have been made to the issues below, but they may still happen occasionally (fixes are being developed at the moment).
・ Some players may be shown gliding on the ground during a match.
・ Players may run in a strange fashion during the goal celebration.
・ Player models may be distorted and their movements may feel unnatural when they collide with each other.
・ Fouls may not be given out to some plays that were clearly fouls.
・ The ball may pass through a player's body during a match.
・ The responsiveness to command inputs may become slower during matches.
・ The speed of the ball and player movement may decrease during matches.

We will continue working on improvements to the game quality in the future.