14/04/2022 v1.0.0 Release Confirmed

The "eFootball™ 2022" v1.0.0 update will be released on 14 April 2022.

"To offer football fans around the world an opportunity to enjoy a new football game, with unparalleled realism like never before."
With that resolve in mind, we entered what would eventually be a two-year period of development for eFootball™ 2022. However, we were too focused on getting the game out on time that we lost sight of the most important thing — quality.
Naturally, we were met with critical reviews from rightfully disappointed fans.

The development team has been hard at work since to regain the trust of our esteemed fans, as well as to make the game even more enjoyable for football fans around the world.
As part of our commitment to improve the game, we have added new commands and numerous elements (both offensive and defensive) that are prevalent in the modern game of football. We have also readjusted the balance of the game and fixed bugs, to ensure an enjoyable gaming experience.

All these changes were only possible because of your valuable opinions; user feedback that we gathered from in-game surveys and social media posts — your "real voices".
Amongst those voices, many of them were encouraging us to create the best game possible. We were inspirited by the warmth of the feedback and were able to pull together as a team, even amidst the global health crisis. For this, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Although it has been 6 months since the initial release in last September, we believe we have finally reached a level of quality that we can be confident of. Hence the decision behind the release of v1.0.0.
Rest assured, we still have some more functionalities that will be implemented in future updates, so keep an eye out for further information in the future. In the meanwhile, we certainly hope you enjoy this "New Football Game"!

Improvements and New Elements in v1.0.0

In response to your valued feedback, as well as to accomplish our aim of creating an even more enjoyable "New Football Game" for everyone, we have implemented a variety of fixes and new features to the game. Now, let's go through some of the highlights of the coming update.

Changes to Defending Controls and the Addition of "Call for Pressure"

Out of all the feedback we have received, most of them mentioned about defending. In particular, many of you commented on how difficult it is to defend and to win the ball back.
After reviewing the prioritisations of defence-related plays, we have decided to change the default button settings in order to make defending more intuitive. Pressing commands that were available in previous instalments will also be re-introduced into the game.
Furthermore, we added a new command, "Shoulder Charge", for you to regain possession in a more proactive manner.

Pressure: Regain possession by applying pressure to the opposition ball holder.
Match-up: Jockey the opposition dribbler with a lowered stance and finer steps. This is also effective for blocking passes and shots.
Shoulder Charge: Win the ball back by barging your shoulder against the opposition player. Especially effective when the opponent has touched the ball far from his foot, or is trying to trap the ball.

Apart from individual defending, we have also re-evaluated the elements of team defending. As such, the command "Call for Pressure" has also been implemented in the game. On top of having several players going for the ball, other teammates will also work in tandem to regain possession by blocking passing lanes as well as pushing up the defensive line.

On top of these functional additions and changes, we have also made numerous modifications to other elements of the game that are fundamental to defending in order to provide a more responsive and intuitive defending experience.

Passing Improvements and New Command "Stunning Pass"

Besides defending, we have also received a lot of feedback regarding passing. Many of you have commented that the passes were too slow, and that there were too many unforced passing errors. In light of this, improvements have been made to the game with a focus on game balance and satisfaction of controls.

We have generally increased the pass speed, so that the pace of the game matches with the aforementioned defence-related improvements. Moreover, we have also implemented a mechanism that utilises the rebound of the ball as a force of acceleration. This will be useful when performing one-touch passes, for example, for the ball speed will increase due to this mechanism. The result of all these changes is a "rhythmic passing game", which is an important element in modern day football.

Regarding passing errors, we have deduced that they were caused by both the passer and the receiver's actions during and after the pass was made. As such, we have implemented fixes to the following points:
- Improved targeting decisions for passes
- Improved AI decision-making when receiving passes
- Improved movements when receiving passes
Following these corrections, the occurrence of unnatural passing errors has decreased substantially.

On top of that, as a new element to make the passing game all the more enjoyable, we have added "Stunning Pass" commands which allow you to kick the ball with various special trajectories. With these commands, you can dictate the rhythm of attack and put in that decisive final pass.

Additional Shooting Trajectories for Enhanced Satisfaction

Regarding shooting, we have made specific improvements to the following 2 points:
- Improved shooting speed, with focus on realism and satisfaction
- Adjusted the rate of on-target shots to reflect match circumstances appropriately

Furthermore, we are adding to the game a wide range of shot variations and trajectories for each situation, such as the incisive "Stunning Shot". We believe this can allow you to experience a variety of realistic goal-scoring scenes.

Strategic Evolution Through Improved Dribbling Functionality

In terms of dribbling manoeuvrability, we have made significant improvements to the following points in order to present a gratifying one-on-one experience through realistic motions. These include:
- Better ball tracking accuracy and response to L Stick inputs
- Improved response to Dash inputs

Other functional enhancements include improved response and ball behaviours for the new "Sharp Touch" command, as well as simpler feint inputs. We hope that these improvements create an enjoyable duelling experience against the opposition defenders.

Improved Online Connectivity

In order to improve the stability of online connections, as well as to reduce the number of voided matches, we have decided to adopt a client-server system starting from this instalment.
We are also constantly looking for ways to improve the response time of online matches.
In order to ensure the best footballing experience, we will continue monitoring the situation after the update and make improvements as needed.

Additional Features for Game Plan

We have implemented the following additional features and modifications to the Game Plan, in order to bring back some beloved functionalities, as well as fix some issues:
- Additional features such as "Change Formation", "Individual Instructions", "Auto Settings", "Sub-tactic", "Data management", etc.
- Improved processing load for better responsiveness

This is just the tip of the iceberg, as we have implemented many other gameplay-related features and fixes. Please stay tuned, as we will be going through this "New Football Game" in details when the coming update goes live!

New Team Building with "Dream Team"

Previously introduced as "Creative Team", the game mode in which you can enjoy building your very own team will be added to the game in the coming update as "Dream Team". The name was not the only thing that changed, as we decided to revamp a lot of our original ideas to ensure that you will be able to create your very own dream team.
"Dream Team" is not just about building a team with the strongest players and managers.
In this mode, you will be able to choose your favourite players and managers when signing them. You can then develop your players to fit your personal playstyle, which means you have almost infinite freedom to shape the team to your liking.
Build your "one and only Dream Team", with your favourite players as well as players you have developed, and bring your own style of football to life. Play against other "Dream Teams" from around the world, and experience as many titanic clashes of differing footballing ideologies as there are fans throughout the world.

Regarding "eFootball™ 2022" Mobile Version

We would like to apologise once again for the delay of the "eFootball™ 2022" mobile version update.
The development team is working hard on the mobile version of the game to ensure that the eventual release is of the highest quality, which our esteemed fans rightfully deserve.
We will be making an announcement regarding the release of the mobile version update soon. In the meanwhile, your patience is much appreciated.

We will continue to work on game improvement and updates beyond v1.0.0, in order to bring the best footballing experience to more and more fans. As always, your valued feedback is much appreciated.
Mark 14 April on your calendar, which is when we plan to disclose more information.
Thank you for your continuous support of eFootball™.