Season 3 "Back to the Clubs" Kicks off!

Season 3 is now underway! The theme for this Season is "Back to the Clubs".
As the fierce battles of national pride come to a close, the players have returned to their respective clubs. Once again, the battlefield shifts from international action to the domestic leagues.
It matters little whether you were a top-performer in the first half of the season, an underwhelming presence looking to turn things around in the remaining fixtures, or an opportunity seeker looking for greener pastures. This is the time for all players to pick themselves back up again and restart with a clean pair of cleats.
This also marks the start of an important window for clubs who feel the need to strengthen their squads for the upcoming clashes.
From the nail-biting league title fights, to prestigious derby matches and heated battles that go beyond the confines of domestic leagues, rest assured that eFootball™ World will also be bringing you all kinds of exciting soccer actions.
Enjoy the fever pitch of club soccer in "Dream Team".

About Seasons
In eFootball™ World, "Seasons" will be introduced at regular intervals.
Alluding to the Season's theme, a wide variety of Player Types will be introduced to help create a more immersive soccer landscape. Epic and Highlight players! Pick up some of the best players to have ever laced up a pair of cleats for an even more unique team-building experience. Trending players, on the other hand, reflect the standout performance of high-achievers in the real-world fixtures. There will be themed events offered too, so stay tuned!

Season Duration
01/12/2023 02:00 - 04/13/2023 01:59 (UTC)

New Epic Players
D. Drogba, S. Kagawa, M. van Basten, and other players with brilliant accolades in the domestic leagues will be introduced as Epic players.
On top of that, Epic players who put in unforgettable performances in specific matches will have their historical outings celebrated as "Big Time".
R. van Nistelrooij, P. Vieira, and H. Stoichkov will be introduced as Big Time players.
Sign these soccer greats and make your team that much stronger!

Sign Highlight Players using Nominating Contracts
Use Nominating Contracts to sign players from this new Special Player List!
Standouts from the first half of the season and perennial club symbols will be introduced as Highlight players, with all Team Playstyle Proficiency levels at 90.
Get yourself a Nominating Contract, and sign that player you've always wanted! Don't miss this chance to sign PV★★★★★ players!
Eligible Special Player Lists:
Back to the Clubs: Mid-season MVPs
Back to the Clubs: Club Icons
Check out each Special Player List for more information.

Updated Match Pass
To help you further bolster your team, all Match Passes have now been updated!
Earn rewards by completing the indicated number of matches in either vs AI Matches or User Matches. (Excluding Online Quick Match, Friend Match, Trial Match, and Training)
Apart from Regular Match Pass which is available for all users for free, you can also use eFootball™ Coins to unlock Value Match Pass and Premium Match Pass.
Play matches and earn rewards to further develop your Dream Team!
01/12/2023 02:00 - 02/16/2023 01:59 (UTC)