[Update] Trial Match Issue
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Posted on 11/16/2022
A fix was implemented for this issue in the update on 11/16/2022.

As compensation for this issue, we have sent 30,000 GP to all users that have created an account by 11/14/2022 02:00 (UTC).

We apologize for any inconveniences caused.

Posted on 10/25/2022
Following v2.0.0, we have confirmed an issue in Trial Match. Specifically, after selecting "Auto-pick players" in Game Plan, reserves players will be erroneously placed in either the starting lineup or as substitutes, and those who are instead placed in the reserves cannot be registered into either the starting lineup or as substitutes.
*You can restore all squad settings to default by returning to the team selection menu.

A fix to this issue will be implemented in a future update.

We plan to send a compensation for this issue at a later date.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.