New Update File (v2.2.0) Details (3/3)
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A new update file (v2.2.0) will be available on 11/16/2022.
More information is provided below.

■ General Fixes Applied to Mitigate or Eliminate the Bugs Shown Below
・ The application may crash due to an error.
・ During corner kicks, pressing the Switch View button repeatedly will result in the button becoming unresponsive.
・ During seamless restarts, pressing the pause button will not pause the game.
・ During seamless goal kicks, the Position Shift button is erroneously displayed as active before the goalkeeper places the ball.
・ After scoring a goal, the Player Card may not be displayed in the intended display position due to the screen ratio of the device.
・ After scoring a goal, the graphics of the Player Card at the moment of display are distorted.
・ In [eFootball™ World] > [My Team] > [Uniforms], the Uniform display is not consistent.
・ In Events under [eFootball™ World] > [Authentic], the number of registerable substitutes for National Teams is 7 instead of 15.
・ When performing "Auto-pick Players" in the pre-match Game Plan in Trial Match, reserve players may be placed in either the starting lineup or as substitutes and cannot be put back into the reserves.
・ In Events under [eFootball™ World] > [Authentic], players' squad numbers may differ from the official squad numbers.
・ When performing Progression Points allocation in the post-match Exp. Gain screen, the Points on the top-right hand corner of the screen may not be displayed.
・ After canceling the matchmaking process of a Friend Match, an unrelated alert message may be displayed.
・ After closing a Match Room in Friend Match, an unrelated alert message may be displayed.
・ In the Level Training Tutorial, the orange mark does not disappear even after completing Level Training.
・ After purchasing a Pack, the "Objective Completed" message is erroneously displayed even though the related Objective has yet to be completed.
・ On certain screens, the title listed at the top of the screen does not match with the content.

■ Global Improvements
・ Implemented adjustments to the point-allocation algorithm of the [Auto-allocate] option in Player Progression.
・ A variety of minor adjustments have been made to each mode and to matches with the aim of improving the overall gaming experience.