Known Issues

See the following list of issues recently confirmed by the dev team.

Update (11/05/2021)
・ In rare instances, a foul is given even though there was no collision between players.
・ The spectators' graphics may look strange during the halftime and post-match screens.
・ The error shown when a controller disconnects may fail to disappear from the screen even after the controller has been reconnected.
If this issue persists, please make sure that the controller is properly connected, and reboot the game.

We are currently hard at work on ways to fix or improve all known issues.
See the notice released along with each update to see which issues have been fixed.

Improvements have been made to the issues below, but they may still happen occasionally (fixes are being developed at the moment).

・ Some players may be shown gliding on the ground during a match.
・ Players may run in a strange manner during goal celebrations.
・ Player models may be distorted and their movements may feel unnatural when they collide with each other.
・ Fouls may not be given out to some plays that were clearly fouls.
・ The ball may pass through a player's body during a match.
・ The responsiveness to command entry may slow down during matches.
・ The speed of the ball and player movement may decrease during matches.

We will continue working on improvements to the game quality.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.