Known Issues
All devices

See the following list of issues recently confirmed by the dev team.

・ For eFootball™ League User Matches, both the user and the opponent's Division and Rankings are not displayed on the matchmaking screen.
*Division is displayed as normal in Division 10, as they are all VS AI Matches.
*Matchmaking is not affected by this issue.

・ In certain Events under [eFootball™ World] > [Dream Team] > [Match] > [Events], proceeding to matchmaking after performing a specific sequence of commands may result in Void Matches.
*This issue can be avoided by returning to the Events list and reentering the Event you want to participate in.

・ In Authentic Team User Matches, the name of opposition players may be displayed erroneously during matches.
*This is a display-only issue and has no effect on gameplay.

We are currently hard at work on fixes for all known issues.
Read the notice released along with each update to see which issues have been fixed.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.