Prepare your squad for an exciting new season in eFootball PES 2021. Coming to mobile late October!
The highly anticipated update to PES 2020 Mobile is finally here.

Update History

eFootball PES 2021 Mobile – A Tremendous Stride Forward for Competitive Football

The wait is almost over! The next season of PES Mobile begins this October with the update to PES 2021.
Featuring player and team data from the latest season, PES 2021 offers sharp and responsive mobile football gameplay based on the console experience lauded as E3 2019's "Best Sports Game".

For details on how the update will affect teams, as well as information about other data that will carry over to the new season, be sure to see the Carryover Guide for PES 2020 Mobile Users section below.

Who's included in PES 2021?

"Who's included in PES 2021?" section is no longer available.


Question: When will the teams, players, Trainers, Scouts and Managers that are included in PES 2020 but not in PES 2021 at launch be announced?
Answer: Everything will be announced on the official website in early October, 2020. Please note that any player, Scout or Manager that falls under this category will no longer be obtainable in PES 2020 from the date of the announcement.
Question: Will my squads carry over after the update?
Answer: No. Player and Manager data will be updated when the update goes live, meaning that all squads will be reset.
Question: Will unclaimed Inbox items still be claimable once the update goes live?
Answer: Yes.
Question: Will unused Silver Ball+, Gold Ball+ or Black Ball Agents carry over to the new game?
Answer: Yes, but you will have a limited time to use them. Please also note that the players signable by each Agent may differ depending on when you use them, so be sure to check the list of available players before using your Agents.
Question: Will remaining contracted matches for players and Managers be carried over?
Answer: No, they won't. During the update, Contracted Matches Remaining will be set to 10 for players and 25 for Managers.
Question: Will unused Contract Tickets, Position Boosters, Skill Tokens and Management Skill Boost items carry over?
Answer: Yes.
Question: Will the effect of items I used on my players in PES 2020 carry over to PES 2021?
Answer: No. The effect of Skill Tokens and Position Boosters used on PES 2020 players will be nullified by the update.
Question: Will the effect of items I used on my Managers in PES 2020 carry over to PES 2021?
Answer: No. The effect of Management Skill Boost items used on PES 2020 Managers will be nullified by the update.
Question: Are any changes coming to the game controls?
Answer: No. Game controls will function exactly as they did in PES 2020.
Question: Will my online match rating be carried over?
Answer: No. All ratings for online matches will be reset when PES 2021 goes live.
Question: Will my match records carry over?
Answer: Yes.
Question: Will my Balance History and Match History carry over?
Answer: No. Both your Balance History and Match History will be reset when the update goes live.
Question: Will Club Squads purchased in PES 2020 carry over to PES 2021?
Answer: No. Club Squads, and any items included in Club Squad purchases (like the strips) are only usable in PES 2020. However, if you still have any bonus myClub Coins left over from your Club Squad purchases, these will carry over.
Question: Will Coins + Bonus packs purchased in PES 2020 carry over to PES 2021?
Answer: Any unused coins will carry over, whereas uniforms included in these packs will not. Players included in Coins + Bonus packs are subject to the same carryover rules as all other players. As such, whether or not they will carry over will depend on if and when they are available in PES 2021. See the "Other Player Types" section in the "Carryover Guide for PES 2020 Mobile Users" for further details.
Question: What happens if I bid on an Auction but don’t check the result before the update goes live?
There are three possible outcomes:

1) If you didn’t win the Auction, the GP that you bid will be returned to you.

2) If you won, and the Scout that you obtained through the Auction has players available to sign when you first log in to PES 2021, you’ll receive your Scout in the Inbox after the update.

3) If you won, but the Scout that you obtained through the Auction doesn’t have any players available to sign when you first log in to PES 2021, your Scout will be exchanged for another with the same Negotiation Skill (★-★★★★★). This Scout will be sent to your Inbox after the update.

*Users cannot select the category of the Scout they receive through Scout exchanges.
*Some Scouts obtained via the exchange may temporarily be unable to sign any players.
Question: What will happen to player injuries and yellow/red cards from PES 2020 during the update?
Answer: All data related to injuries and yellow/red cards will be reset during the update giving all players a fresh start.
Question: Can Carryover Players be traded?
Answer: If you have 3 identical Carryover Players you can trade them for 1 Base Player.
As an example, if you have 1 "Base Player" and 2 "Featured Player" copies of a specific player in PES 2020, these will all be converted into Carryover Players during the update, provided that this player is also available when you first log in to PES 2021, of course. You can then trade these 3 Carryover Players for a Base Player.
Beware, however, that you will not be able to trade using different types of a player.
For example, you cannot trade using 2 players of the "Carryover Player" type and 1 player of the "Base Player/Featured Player" type, as they would be considered different types of that player.
Question: This website states that Base Players that are Converted into Carryover Players will be updated to data from September, 2020. Can you tell me a little bit more about what this means?
Answer: We examine the performance of each player during September and record this information in a database. This data is then used to define the in-game attributes of both Base Players and Carryover Players for PES 2021 at launch.
This means that Carryover Players will have exactly the same attributes as their Base Player counterparts at the time the update launches. However, after launch, Base Player data will be subject to various changes as a result of Live Updates. On the other hand, Carryover Players are not subject to these updates, and will perpetually use the data we gathered in September 2020. This will apply regardless of when you first log in to PES 2021.
Question: How many Contract Tickets will I receive if I have multiple players that will be exchanged due to the fact that they are not included in PES 2021?
Answer: If you have at least 1 player that will be exchanged, you will receive 10 Contract Tickets. Having multiple players will not increase the number of tickets you will receive.
Question: What is the maximum number of players that I can have in PES 2021?
Answer: You can have a maximum of 500 players. This has not changed from PES 2020.
Question: Will there be any changes to the mobile platforms that PES 2021 is compatible with?
Answer: No. PES 2021 will be compatible with the same platforms as PES 2020.
Question: Will players included in my team when I first began playing the game carry over?
Answer: Yes. They will be converted into Carryover Players during the update.

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