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Based on the Popular Sci-Fi Manga, EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy Coming Soon to Mobile Devices

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today announced that pre-registration for the upcoming mobile game EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy is now open. Based on the popular manga from Hiro Mashima (Fairy Tail, RAVE), EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy is a top-down action-RPG title coming to App Store and Google Play. This news also follows on the heels of the EDENS ZERO anime that recently premiered on Netflix.

Fans can pre-register through the following formats:

To celebrate the kick off for pre-registration, everyone who starts the game at the launch timing will receive an in-game ‘Cyber Cosplay’ item as a free gift. Other in-game items will be unveiled for every pre-registration milestone:

  • 100,000 registrations: 3 skip tickets – This item can be used to skip and clear quests.
  • 200,000 registrations: 1 Iridescent Material – Used for Cosmetics Crafting.
  • 300,000 registrations: 100 Ether Drive(ED) 100 ED can be used for “Item Drop Reward +10x” boost at event dungeon.

In EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy, players will hack and slash their way through a colorful action-RPG where they can:

  • Play as Shiki, Rebecca, Weisz, Homura and many more!
  • Fight through the original story and famous scenes from the manga
  • Collect more than 100 costumes including exclusive original costumes designed by Hiro Mashima
  • Combine skills and equipment
  • Customize special abilities(“Ether Gear”) for characters


Shiki Granbell is an orphan raised by robots on the deserted theme park planet Granbell in the Sakura Cosmos. After a chance meeting with two space travelers – Rebecca and her robotic cat Happy – Shiki realizes the residents of the park want to force them off the planet. After rescuing Rebecca and Happy, the three friends explore the universe in his inhereted intersteller ship, Edens Zero, to find the fabled goddess of the cosmos called Mother.

Additional details for EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy including target launch date will be shared soon.

©︎Hiro Mashima/KODANSHA,NTV

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