• Wii U
  • Virtual Console™
An adaptation of the famous side-scrolling shooter game in the arcade that was popular for its unique system of power-ups, gorgeous graphics and sound effects.
The player has to face the enemy army Bacterion while improving your ship by acquiring power-ups. A powerful boss awaits you at the end of each level.
In the TurboGrafx-16 version, the maximum number of "Options" you can equip has increased to four and the graphics of the laser beams have become more faithful to the original arcade version. Also an additional "Desert" stage has been inserted between the "Reverse Volcano" stage and "Tentacles" stage, making it extra fun for the players.
Platform Wii U™Virtual Console™
Release Date
Wii U™
Wii U™
Players 2 players simultaneous

Mild Fantasy Violence

Country United States (English)