• Wii U
  • Virtual Console™
Panic Bomber is a tile-matching puzzle game featuring the popular character Bomberman. The objective of the game is to connect falling Bomberman blocks into horizontal, vertical, or diagonal rows of three to erase them and fill up your opponent’s screen with rubbles so that they can no longer erase blocks.
When you erase blocks, bombs will immerge from the bottom of the screen and you can make them all explode when a bomb set on fire falls onto your screen.
The key to winning is mastering combo chains. By erasing consecutive blocks, the giant bomb meter increases and once this is fully charged up, you can make a huge explosion to erase many Bombermans at once.
You can play from different modes such as the Story mode which is a one player mode that consist of a total of 16 stages, a versus mode in which you can play with up to five players, and a training mode that allows you to practice your skills in creating combo chains. The keyword here is “Panic!” and “Bomber!” Enjoy this exciting and lively game in the Bomberman world!
Platform Wii U™Virtual Console™
Release Date
Wii U™
Wii U™
Players up to 5 players

Country United States (English)