Story Mode

More than 50 levels awaits you in the Story Mode, playable alone or with a friend.

Fight against the Evil Emperor Buggler in order to bring back peace in the Universe!

The 8 Bomberman Rangers, sworn protectors of the universe, take on the Evil Emperor Buggler and 5 dastardly Bombers. Our heroes will battle their way through 5 different but dangerous worlds, and face 5 villains in epic boss fights as they do.

Battle Mode

In Battle Mode, nearby or on the other side of the planet, up to 8 people can play together (you can connect up to 4 Nintendo Switch™).

Amazing new maps for unpredictable battles!

  • Pitfall Zone Pitfall Zone
  • Old-school Old-school
  • The Great Wall The Great Wall
  • Magnetic Sphere Magnetic Sphere
  • Medieval Medieval
  • Slippery Garden Slippery Garden
  • Junkyard Junkyard
  • Labyrinth Labyrinth
  • White Cross White Cross
  • Lagoon Lagoon
  • Max Speed Max Speed
  • Power Zone Power Zone
  • Plain Floor Plain Floor
  • Desert Fort Desert Fort
  • Classic Conveyor Belt Classic Conveyor Belt
  • Panic Factory Panic Factory
  • Nine Areas Nine Areas
  • Critical Path Critical Path