Up to 16 players can compete in this mode, either in teams or as solo players. Each match is decided by a best of three set.
The team or player that survives until the end of each set is the winner.

1Remaining Time for Sets
Sudden Death occurs when there is no more time remaining.
2Player Information
3Outer Wall Blocks

Revenge Carts

Players who have died become Revenge Carts. Revenge Carts can throw bombs to attack other players from outside the Outer Wall Blocks.

Sudden Death

When there is no more time remaining in a set, Sudden Death occurs and Pressure Blocks begin falling onto the level. Pressure Blocks fall working their way from the outside to the center of the level. Players die when crushed by a Pressure Block.

A set where players survive until the end and are simultaneously crushed by Pressure Blocks will result in a tie.

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