Battle 64

This mode allows up to 64 players to compete at once. Players battle while moving through the maps, trying to be the last survivor.
The Battle 64 mode consists of two alternating phases, the Battle Phase and the Movement Phase. Battles are conducted during the Battle Phase, and players can move between maps during the Movement Phase.

1Mini Map
All 16 maps are displayed on the sides of the screen. The blue map is where your player is currently located, and the red maps have been sealed off.
2Player Status
Hearts represent a player’s Life.
3Battle Phase - Remaining Time
The Movement Phase will begin when the remaining time reaches 0.
4The Gate
The Gate will open during the Movement Phase. Passing through the Gate allows you to move between maps.

Sealed Maps

At the end of each Movement Phase, a certain number of maps will be sealed. If a player is still on one of these maps, they will die.

Adding Blocks

When there is only one remaining player on a map, a Bonus Block will fall. Destroying this Block will reward players with an item which will power them up.

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