How to start a Battle

Main Menu

This game connects to the internet, allowing you to enjoy the game with players all over the world. You can start a Battle by selecting “Quick Match” or “Private Match” from the Main Menu.

Quick Match This mode allows you to play “Battle 64” with players from all over the world. Your opponents will be randomly selected.
Private Match In addition to “Battle 64”, there are also “Grand Prix” and “Standard” modes. These modes can be played by either creating or joining a room. Please note that you need to purchase a Platinum Pass in order to create a room.

Gaining Stars and Ranking Up

Playing Quick Matches increases your Player Level, and increasing your Player Level rewards you with Stars. Alternatively, Stars can also be earned by completing Challenges during Battles.
Gaining Stars will also increase your Rank Gauge, which will make you Rank Up when it becomes full. Please refer to the Bomber Pass to see a list of available rewards for Ranking Up.

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