Epic: Manchester United FC

Epic players reflect a standout performance they put out during a specific season during their career. They also feature unique card designs stylized after photos taken during the season they are based on. Design their evolution through player progression, and they will prove to be an indispensable piece of your Dream Team. These players will have a Team Playstyle Proficiency of "90" across the board!
Also, you will find a "Big Time" player in this Special Player List.
Big Time features exclusive card designs inspired by the player's memorable performance in the selected match. Big Time players may be able to perform a "Monumental Celebration", which is the exact goal celebration that they performed in the highlighted match. Also, the commentators may make special remarks for certain Big Time players which helps create an immersive experience. *Player Type is Epic.
Sign these footballing greats and make your team that much stronger!
In addition to the 3 Epic players listed below, 147 other currently active players with Player Value ★★★ or higher will make an appearance in the Special Player List.
Available Players: D. Irwin, P. Schmeichel and R. van Nistelrooij.