Information on Upcoming Updates
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Thank you for playing eFootball™ 2023.
We receive feedback and requests from our esteemed users on a daily basis, and we strive to create and provide the best gameplay experience possible by addressing the feedback in version updates. On that note, please allow us to introduce some of the new features we are planning to implement in future updates.

(Scheduled for Spring 2023)
・ Additional player slots in My Team
・ New feature for users to add Player Skills to existing players
・ Additional items for player contract renewal and ways to obtain them

(Scheduled for Summer 2023)
・ New feature for users to reset Progression Points using GP
・ Additional number of substitutes for Dream Team

Apart from the aforementioned features, we are also planning to add the following features in the future. We will be providing further information in due course, so please stay tuned.
・ Master League mode
・ Co-op mode
・ Edit mode
・ Additional selectable teams in Authentic Team
・ Cross-platform compatibility on console
・ Cross-platform compatibility between console and mobile
・ Mobile controller compatibility

We will continue implementing updates based on your valued feedback, so please continue giving eFootball™ 2023 your kind support.