Regarding Live Update Player Data
All devices

We have discovered some erroneous information regarding the player data (Height and Age) of certain Hilux Revo Thai League players in the previous Live Update.

We have implemented a fix to this issue in the 29/09/2022 Live Update.

For users who signed the affected players from eFootball™ 2022 onwards, we will send a full reimbursement of the amount of GP used for signing during the 06/10/2022 maintenance.
As for users who have developed these players, we will also send them a corresponding number of Level Training Programs based on the players' development progress as of 29/09/2022 02:00 (UTC).

Please note that all player data is set according to our own research. In the future, we may revise and make changes to player data without prior notice. Therefore, please be sure to check the player data before signing players.

We apologise sincerely for any inconvenience caused.