New Update File (v2.0.0) Available (4/4)
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A new update file (v2.0.0) is now available.
See below for details.

■ General Fixes Applied to Mitigate or Eliminate the Bugs Shown Below
・ The application may crash due to an error
・ When attempting a direct shot on the receiving end of crosses, the player may take a touch with his chest before shooting
・ Inputting a Controlled Shot command immediately after inputting a Stunning Shot command will see the player perform a pacy Controlled Shot
・ In online matches, kick feints may not be triggered even if a kick feint command is inputted
・ Trajectory adjustments of goal kicks are not reflected
・ For goalkeepers, the "pick up the ball" command may not be performed as intended
・ After inputting certain goalkeeping commands in specific sequences, the goalkeeper may become slow in movement
・ The goalkeeper may not get on his feet after performing a save
・ Certain goalkeepers may have their arms crossed when receiving the ball from the ballperson before a goal kick
・ The match may end abruptly just as the ball is deflected off a defending player and going into the net
・ When restarting with a quick throw-in, the match may restart without the ball being displayed
・ When the ball goes out for a corner kick, the match may restart immediately after the ball went out of play
・ Players' facial expressions may switch abruptly
・ The shoulders of some spectators may move in an unnatural manner
・ When there is a connection delay in online matches, players may move on their own after controlling the ball even if no commands were inputted
・ Certain commands could cause online PvP matches to end prematurely and result in them being voided
・ In certain stadiums, parts of the stands may illuminate excessively and flicker during certain cutscenes
・ In certain stadiums, the lighting around the roof may flicker during certain cutscenes
・ During the victory cutscenes of certain competitions, some parts of the stadium may not be displayed
・ In certain stadiums, pillar-like graphics are displayed in the foreground during replays.
・ The post-match Exp. Gain screen is displayed even if there are no Experience Points gained
・ If only ineligible Events are being held in Challenge Events (Authentic), an error will occur when proceeding from the Events screen
・ After exchanging eFootball™ Points for in-game items, the cursor returns to the top of the list
・ In the player details screen, the name of the column that displays information regarding Team Playstyle Proficiency is erroneously titled "Team Playstyle"
・ In [Contract] > [Standard Player List], continue displaying players without sorting will result in heavy screen transitions and movement
・ After developing a player to max Level, the small thumbnail image remains the same even though the Player Card photo has changed
・ In [Standard Player List], switching the Sort filters repeatedly between "Player Value" and "Price" will result in erroneous display of the Player List
・ In some languages, the end of sentences may be displayed erroneously in certain screens
・ In [Game Settings] > [Audio] > [Audio] > [Custom], environmental sounds may still be played in-match even if the [Stadium] option is set to 0
・ In some languages, the word order of the displayed text is erroneous
■ Global Improvements
・ When releasing a player that is already registered in Game Plan, an alert message will be displayed indicating that "The player is currently registered in a Game Plan", and said player can now be released directly afterwards
・ Various measures were taken to prevent manipulation of match results decision through ending online matches by impromper means
・ A variety of minor adjustments have been made to each mode and to matches, with the aim of improving the overall gaming experience