Online Match Campaign

Get your hands on up to 3 Chance Deals by playing online PvP matches during the campaign period.
Head over to [Match - Authentic] > [Events] to check out the available online PvP matches, and take on your rivals using your favourite team!

Campaign Period
Until the release of v1.0.0

Targets & Rewards:
・10 matches: Chance Deal x1
・15 matches: Chance Deal x2
・20 matches: Chance Deal x3
*The Chance Deal (and the players available for signing) received in this campaign is the same as the one described in the official website.

How to Check the Number of Matches Played:
You can check how many times you played online PvP matches in-game, by going to:
[Extras] > [User Information] > [Match History]

*The schedule and details are subject to change without prior notice.
*The Match History will show information on the last 20 matches you played.
*Online PvP matches played before this announcement will also be counted towards your total.