"Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS" World Release Celebration Campaign


During the campaign, a special menu that lets you purchase 1 applicable Structure Deck for free will appear!

Free "20 Pack" Campaign

There will be special campaign at the Shop that gives you a total of 20 Packs - 10 free Packs each from 47th Speed Duel Mini BOX "World of Barian" and 1st Rush duel Main BOX "Sevens New Road"! The above menu is available one time per player for each BOX. The free 10 Packs each from the BOX will be drawn with equal probability from among the remaining Packs in the applicable BOX. The free Packs drawn will be removed from the BOX. For more details on this campaign, please check the in-app notification.

Dream UR Pack

Log in to receive New Item Dream UR Pack (Premium foil)! Dream UR Pack is a value pack where you can get one UR card randomly from a special card list selected from the cards included in the BOX. From the Dream UR pack receive in this campaign, you can randomly receive one UR card from among the UR cards included in 1st Rush Duel Main BOX.

"Dark Magician"

Log in during the campaign to get Prismatic foil rarity versions of the cards Rush Duel UR "Dark Magician" and Speed Duel UR "Dark Magician"!
In Rush Duel, receive new Skills related to "Dark Magician"! This item will be sent to your Gift Box after completing the tutorial.

Get Exclusive Accessories!

Card Sleeves and Game Mat featuring Yami Yugi alongside Yuga Ohdo!

1000 Gems Login Bonus!

An equivalent of 20 packs!
Log in to receive a Login Bonus of 1000 Gems!

UR&SR Tickets

Log in to get a total of 6 special tickets that can be exchanged for rare cards! 1 ticket can be obtained per day during the campaign, for a total of 8 tickets.

Skill Ticket

Get 1 Slill!
Log in to get a Skill Ticket that can be exchanged for a character Skill! Skill for any character that was added to the game prior to Sep 27, 2023(JST).

Character Unlock Ticket

Unlock a Character!!
Log in to get a ticket that can be traded for a character of your choice! This ticket lets you unlock any of the past event characters that have already appeared at the Gate or those that appear at the Gate when certain conditions are met. (*Only characters that were added to the game prior to Sep 27, 2023 are available.)