"Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links" 5th Anniversary Celebration Campaign

Log in during the campaign to get the Spell Card "Monster Reborn" (Legend foil rarity)!

Items will be sent to your Gift Box after completing the tutorial.

We're giving away a new Skill that 5 heroes from the "Yu-Gi-Oh!" series can learn to players who have logged in!

Obtainable Characters
Yami Yugi
Jaden Yuki
Yusei Fudo
Yuma and Astral
Yuya Sakaki
You can receive this Skill from the Gift Box by unlocking the characters through completing the Character Unlock Missions.

Log in to get a total of 8 special Tickets that can be exchanged for rare Cards!

1 ticket can be obtained per day during the campaign, for a total of 8 tickets.

Log in to receive a total of 1000 Gems!

Log in to get a Skill Ticket that can be exchanged for a character Skill!

Characters that have been released by 23:59 on Jan 11, 2022(JST) are eligible.

Log in to get Card Sleeves and Game Mat with a special 5th Anniversary design!